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Jul 12, 2019 9:48 AM ET

"Adioso"Adioso is a better search and booking app for leisure travel.

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 12, 2019

Adioso is a better search and booking app for leisure travel. 

It allows users to: 

* search without constraints on destinations & dates 
* follow destinations or search terms to receive deals, trip recommendations, and other content to help them plan and book their trip. 

Its key benefits are: 

* Travelers find it much easier to choose the very best travel options available 
* Airlines & suppliers can focus messages and offers at highly qualified customers. 

Founded in Australia in 2008 by Fenn Bailey and Tom Howard, Adioso was in the Winter 09 class of Y Combinator, and has received seed funding from Silicon Valley and travel industry investors. 

As of March 2012, Adioso has a team of eight engineers and designers in Australia and the US, and is moving rapidly towards the launch of some major new product features and global airline coverage.


Ashley Raiteri

Ashley RaiteriAshley Raiteri is a tech executive with a biz dev and product focus. Most recently, he was the founding CTO of Everbread (along with Morten Lund, CEO, and Assen Vassilev, VP of Strategy. Everbread is a travel technology company that developed a proprietary fares and pricing search engine rivaling ITA and Amedeus. The initial product was built in only 6 months in a code boot camp hosted in Mallorca. 
Ashley began his career as a rocket scientist on complex system-of-system projects for the United States Defense and Aerospace Industry. He has led teams of hundreds of developers and worked as Senior Architect or Project Manager on mind-bogglingly complex military and aerospace systems. After launching a successful consulting group dedicated to making web 2.0 “useful”, he moved to Europe to work more closely with entrepreneurs focused on the internet industry.

Tom Howard

Tom HowardTom Howard is a co-founder at travel search startup Adioso. His roles include UI design, visual production, and strategy. 

Prior to Adioso, he developed management software for a taxi e-payments provider, managed the website and built the ticketing system for prominent Australian music event The Falls Festival, and worked in support and pre-sales engineering for Australian ISPs OzEmail and Pacific Internet. 

Fenn Bailey

Co-founder at Adioso

Contact Information:

Ashley Raiteri

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