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Jul 2, 2019 7:00 PM ET

How to Become a Better Content Marketer in 2019

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 2, 2019

Content marketing is constantly evolving. If you’re still employing the same tricks and strategies as five years ago, it’s likely your copy isn’t bringing in the best results.

To develop popular content that leads to a considerable amount of traffic, you must aim to enhance your content marketing knowledge. Regardless of whether you’re a new or seasoned writer, read these top tips on how to become a better content marketer in 2019.

Develop a Strategy

A content marketing strategy will ensure you have several goals in place, and each piece of copy you produce will be aligned with these internal goals.

For example, you could bear the following goals in mind when writing powerful content:

Continue to Grow Your Skillset

To write killer content time after time, you must aim to routinely grow your skillset. With online behavior constantly changing and search engines significantly evolving, you should never assume you understand content marketing like the back of your hand.

To drive traffic to a site, boost your share count, and increase a conversion rate, you must continue to learn as much as possible about content marketing. In order to do so, you should regularly read various marketing blogs and white papers. You also should ask others for feedback on your content to make improvements.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Many content marketers make the big mistake of quickly hitting the publish button after writing a piece of content. As a result, the copy could be riddled with misspellings or grammatical errors, which can destroy a brand’s credibility.

Instead, you should distance yourself from your content for a while, so you can return with fresh eyes to spot any small and glaring mistakes. So, once you have finished the final sentence, step away from your desk to go for a walk or play a fun game at You can then be confident you’ll be publishing error-free content that will impress your readers.

Incorporate Visuals

Did you know the brain reportedly processes images 60,000 times faster than text? To effectively communicate with your target audience and grab their attention, you should incorporate more eye-catching visuals into your content, such as:

Every piece of content you produce should feature an element of design, which can support your text and could make a reader want to share a blog with their followers or bookmark an article for future reference.

Master Social Media

To become a successful content marketer, you must aim to master social media marketing, too. In order to give your copy the best possible chance of success, you must promote your high-quality blogs on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

You’ll also need to identify:

By marketing your content on various social channels, you could increase your blog’s readership, share count, and web

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