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Jun 22, 2019 6:58 AM ET

How to Contribute to Community Development

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 22, 2019

One of the attributes of a cohesive society is a well-run community. However, communities don’t run themselves; it takes people to do it. Without the right people, you have communities that are troubled, lacking in basics and dysfunctional. As a member of any community, it’s imperative that you commit to doing your part to make it better for everyone to live in. You may be wondering how you can do your part and what you can do to achieve this end. Below are a few ways that you, as an individual, can contribute to community development.


Join Neighborhood Watch

One way to contribute to community development is to join the neighborhood watch. The function of such an initiative is usually to ensure there is a strong and active community where crime is as low as possible.

Check online to see if there is a neighborhood watch in your local community and how you can join. Remember, it takes a united effort to keep a community safe, so any contribution counts.


Become a Police Officer

If you notice that you’re incredibly passionate about keeping the community safe, perhaps look into becoming a police officer. This is an ideal job, as your activities every day would be focused on protecting people and giving them a sense of safety and security.  Here are a few steps to becoming a police officer to take note of:





Aside from the mentioned, voting can also contribute to your community being a better place to live in. When you vote, you’re able to have a say in policies and laws that could potentially affect your community. Keep up with current affairs by following credible news sites as well as reading the latest white papers and reports.

Also, go to town hall meetings as this is a way to get new information too. Doing all of the mentioned will help you make informed decisions and influence the direction your community grows in.


Be Friendly

Doing something as simple as being friendly could go a long way when it comes to community development. Get to know your neighbors and connect with the people in your community instead of isolating yourself. You can do this by taking a few minutes out of your day to talk to people you see around you and also by asking questions without being intrusive. Welcome them into your home and invite them to social gatherings if you feel comfortable enough as well. You could also organize monthly meetups with other members of your community if you want.


Come up with Initiatives

If you don’t find any worthwhile initiatives or causes that you want to contribute to, consider coming up with one of your own. It could be something as simple as a football club for adults or a dance class for kids. Keeping people positively engaged in the community is critical to a healthy community. It can help individuals feel connected and also like they belong to something that they take pride in.

For those who don’t want to come up with their own initiative, you could simply volunteer at a local NGO. This is a way of giving back to your community or any that you feel needs some support.


Do Social Work

Aside from policing, becoming a social worker would also be ideal if you want to support community development. As it has often been said, children are the future, so helping create stable homes for them and meet their emotional and psychological needs could make a significant difference in their lives. To become a social worker, you’re going to need education and earn necessary certifications. Getting an internship and work experience could help jumpstart your career as well. However, know that social work can be an emotionally and mentally demanding job, so learn more about it before starting.


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