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Jun 18, 2019 6:30 AM ET

The self check-in integrated to domotics

The self check-in integrated to domotics

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 18, 2019

I am crating the self check-in system, integrated with management of facilities for tourists and to domotics


 The system is a system used in non-hotel facilities, for example B & B, holiday homes, villas for tourists and other similar facilities. I am already 3 years old experience at the facilities, and understand what the hosts need. 

The 5 core points of the invention are: 

 1) The traditional process involves a continuous communication between managers that manage the tourist unit with all the interested parties (other managers, guests and cleaning staff).   In traditional processes, the manager must constantly hear the guest, if he has left the apartment, and the manager needs to tell to the cleaning staff that they can go to clean the apartment, because it has just been released, and after cleaning the manager needs to be informed that the cleaning staff have finished to clean the apartment. After it the manager can inform the guest that the apartment is ready for check-in.

 The present invention, on the other hand, is a system capable of automating about 70% of the process   Guest check-in and check-out, cleaning, informatization of the state information   property (the property is free, occupied or it’s in preparation by the   cleaning staff).   In traditional processes the manager must always update himself on the absence and the general state of   supplies of materials in the apartments.   My invention is an automation of information concerning the supplies of the  properties.   

2) Traditional process: when the apartment is free and soon there are no reservations in next days, especially if we are in a cold period of the year, you have to go to the houses and   switch off the heating, and if any light remains on. The same reverse operation must also be done   when the guests arrive!!! As long as the facilities are 1, 2, the traditional system is fine, but   those owners/business man who manage more than 2 residential units start to struggle to follow everything. They must add  more staff.   

The present invention saves up to 40% of the bill costs. Automation of   shutdowns and ignitions by the system, electricity, according to the need in that   moment ago to save the bills of: Gas and Light. Thanks to a mechanism of checks   computerized on the various sensors, the computer system acts on the hardware inside   of the facilities and acts on the operation accordingly.   

3) Today the cleaning staff goes to the place to be cleaned usually at the established time   standard. Often, however, the guest is late coming out, losing precious time   to all the facilities / company / organization, being paid for hours will have to calculate that too   time that loses to wait for the guest to come out.   My invention, by informatizing information on check-outs made by guests, does save a good 30% on the cost of staff paid on time, as (almost) in real time  the cleaing staff is informed that the property has been freed by the outgoing guest.   

4) Today a structure that wants to manage a number of facilities more than 3, has to deal with the staff to be assigned. On average, to manage 3 structures, 1 manager is required. For example for 15   properties will be required 3/4 managers at minimum.   

The present invention saves at least 80% on the cost of the management personnel   properties. A single manager can get to manage without problems many times an average of 20   real estate without needing extra staff. Let’s talk about unprecedented savings. Self   we should take as an example the management of 20 apartments, we should have the following   calculation:   Traditional system(costs in Italy): 20 apartments = 4 managers (minimum) = average annual salary (13th e   14th included in Italy) X 4 = € 20,000 X 4 = € 80,000   System of the invention: 20 apartments = 1 manager = average salary as manager (13th e   14th included) X1 = € 25,000 X 1 = € 25,000   There is a saving of at least 3/4 of the costs. Imagine organizations with various units housing used for holidays.   

5) The traditional system allows guests to be accommodated up to a certain time. There are some   systems that allow you to enter a code (which is sent by the manager to the guest) following a   link and then having to open browser at your smartphone. This is very unstable   procedure because it is enough that the guest does not have internet connection (because it is foreign, because   he has no roaming or because he does not use the internet on his cell phone).   There is also a procedure on the market that allows you to answer the intercom and open the   gate of the building and the house by piloting remote devices. This is very unstable   procedure, there is a risk that the guest wil not be able to enter into the house, because: the light is missing or the internet is missing,   or both, or simply the manager (the host) is not available at that time, he has his smartphone that does not work, or is sleeping or something else, it’s enough just one event to have a procedure that does not work. And you(host/manager) have to go to the place personally, and in most   of cases the guest leaves, because he hasn’t so much time to wait. There is the possibility to activate an opening procedure without the help of the manager, but you must install an application at your spartphone and enter your data. Besides being a very complicated mechanism (the guest has no patience to follow things complicated) is a fragile mechanism, as long as a guest does desn’t have a smartphone, and / or does not have   an internet connection, the mechanism loses its functionality. Let’s also add that the host is not available at that moment (easy if it has many other facilities to manage and in the same   moment must give assistance to the other guests), there is no light to give impulses for the opening of the barriers (door and door). Too many variables dependent on various factors. Fragility lurking.   Also, welcoming at night is really a business. Often check-in times after 20.00   they are rejected.   The process of my invention is linear: there are few variables that could   compromise the acception of the host at a distance. The system works even when: it is missing   light (often the counters can jump, a blackout etc.), the internet is missing and also absurd for lacking the availability of the host itself.   In addition to the fact that the invented procedure makes welcome all those guests who arrive from   some time LATE on, which makes a good 15% more guests. The system allows   to the guest to do a check-in even when the host is not available, it’s a problem when   the host is busy and / or is unavailable.   

The guest who has to check in on a certain day receives a message   AUTOMATIC in which he is informed of the availability of the accommodation.   These automations and computerization allow the manager (housing management personnel) to   do not carry out this exchange of information (manager-cleaning staff, manager – guest)   manually, but are automatic information that “turn” from the system to the interested persons, making the manager save a good amount of time and channel their own   resources and energies in other improvements to be made to the real estate unit.   

The invention consists of 2 parts that are fundamental for the operation:   

1) software part  

2) hardware part which is indispensable for the operation of the whole system and that   communicate with the software part.   

The first one is an application(web and mobile) for managing all informations about reservations, staff, and informations regarding all status of the facilities.

The second one is the hardware, thanks to which we can receive all signals regarding the status of the apartments and to manage the domotics of entire facility. 

Risks and challenges

The only limit can be to install hardware in the facilities over the world, because we are in Italy, but it’s enough to take our hardware and to make it install from some electricity professionist

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