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Jun 18, 2019 7:10 AM ET

Focal - The Habit Creation App

Focal - The Habit Creation App

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 18, 2019

The next-gen app that builds habits using properly researched tools and methods.


Focal is habit building companion for your phone. The app focuses on a guided experience to help you reach your goals, through the use of Habits. Each habit developed to reach your end-goal will not only help you with your goal, but for any future endeavor you embark on.

With this in mind, we hope Focal will make the journey to reaching your goal, easier AND more fruitful. Rather then a long and hard road to reaching a far away goal, Focal focuses on making small habitual steps, so that before you know it; You’ve reached your goal and become more and more successful in your ever day life.

  • Use of real psychological principles that are proven to help build habits (Classical Conditioning, Chunking, Positive Reinforcement, etc.)
  • More than just a checklist, our solution will help catch you when you fall. Mistakes are bound to be made, there will be bumps in the road, let us help smooth those rough spots.
  • The app is smart, Taking some of the work out of inputting data while also making it more effective.

Me and my brother decided to create this app after looking for a habit building app for weight training. After some time we found that the current available solutions just didn’t cut it. They were all basically checklists with a few sparklers stapled on the sides. I personally got more use out of a literal checklist than i did any of the apps available, and trust me, I’ve tried to find one that worked.

The issue was simply in the design. None of these apps were innovative, or different, they all followed the same format. “YOU make up your goal” “YOU make the steps” “YOU execute the steps with no help”. WHY did i bother downloading this app if it doesn’t do ANYTHING TO HELP.

So, after countless of hours of research into the science of motivation and habit forming strategies we found that this wasn’t an impossible issue to fix. 

If this app helps even a few people build healthy habits, it will be worth it.

Risks and challenges

What we are trying to do is ambitious, to say the least. Much of the content will need to be hand tailored to specific groups needs, requiring even more research and development time.

Contact Information:

Connor Jones

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