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Jun 18, 2019 6:50 AM ET

Create Home + Body Care Products to Save Money and Planet

Create Home + Body Care Products to Save Money and Planet

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 18, 2019

Shrink your budget and environmental footprint by mixing plant-based products in reusable bottles—all at the push of a button!


Cleanyst is a revolutionary new system that lets you easily mix a complete range of natural cleaning and personal care products at the push of a button. 

Since water is the main ingredient in most home and body care products, this makes them more expensive to package and ship, and it takes a huge toll on the environment. 

Why are we paying for water when we have it at home and for oversized plastic bottles we throw away?

Lots of companies offer you ways to make a handful of surface cleaners by diluting concentrates in reusable spray bottles. 

But what about the rest of your home and body care products, especially the thicker ones you pour and pump like shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent and dish soap?  

Only Cleanyst lets you mix all of these products and more using a wide range of concentrate types—from low viscosity concentrates that are easily diluted into spray cleaners, to high viscosity gels and pastes for mixing your thicker products. 

If all you want to mix are spray cleaners, you do NOT need our system.  But, if you are seeking to unleash the full potential of concentrates and bottle reuse to minimize your environmental footprint, then you should put Cleanyst to work for your household. 

Our system delivers the CONVENIENCE of a Keurig or Nespresso appliance:

Except instead of making single servings, the system produces 12 and 16 fl. oz. “Micro-Batches” of plant-based personal care and cleaning products that mirror the look, feel and performance of comparable store-bought products.  

You will eliminate a plastic bottle with each “Micro-Batch” you mix, yielding ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS similar to a SodaStream: 

Plus, you’ll save on PREMIUM NATURAL PRODUCTS because you are not paying for water and its transportation, or for excess plastic packaging.  Rather, you only pay for minimal packaging containing necessary ingredients that are: 

So let Cleanyst help LIGHTEN your load:

If you’re ready to take the next step towards shrinking your environmental footprint, then it’s time to get in the loop with our circular approach and, together, LET’S MIX IT UP!

The appliance does the rest—adding heated water into the bottle, dispensing ingredients from the pouch and finally mixing them together inside the bottle at varying speeds like this:

Our patented Micro-Batch technology is optimized for mixing concentrates with the consistency of a gel or paste and makes blending even high viscosity products a breeze!

After 1-3 minutes, simply twist on a dispensing accessory, such as a pump or sprayer, and you’ll have a perfectly mixed product that’s ready to use! 

For starters, you can now whip up 10 home and body care essentials at the push of a button. All are available in Free & Clear (no dyes or fragrances) or naturally scented in our Aromatherapy Collection.

  • Dish Soap
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • Tub & Tile Cleaner
  • Hand Soap
  • Body Wash
  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  • Sulfate-Free Conditioner

And this is only the beginning!  Our pipeline is filled with new options for the home and body. Please see our FAQ to learn more about what’s coming.

Plus, we are actively working with other brands that seek to deliver their products using the Cleanyst system. We therefore look forward to offering you a wider selection of concentrates from other brands in the future.

Check out our ingredients pouch pricing and note the BIG DISCOUNTS compared to other plant-based products from leading online retailers.   

By going “all in” with Cleanyst, you’ll save $150 or more per year on natural home and body care products.  The more you mix, the more you’ll save! 

Get Cash Back on the Projects You Love!

Get Cash Back on the Projects You Love!

Our starter kits come with everything you need to begin mixing, not to mention a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to show how confident we are that you’ll love our products. Here’s what our Discovery Starter Kit looks like:

For your convenience, we recommend having a dedicated bottle for each type of product you want to mix.  This is why we offer the Essentials (5 bottle) and All In (10 bottle) Starter Kit options. Plus, you get a FREE ingredients pouch with each bottle in your kit!

You will select your pouches and may add to your order at the end of our campaign.

When you need more pouches, simply purchase them online from cleanyst.com and we’ll deliver to your door.  

We formulate with our own children and pets in mind so you can count on our products to always meet these standards:

And here are some of the ingredients you will NEVER find in any of our products:

Finally, we’re 100% TRANSPARENT about the ingredients in our products and how they are derived.  Please see our FAQ for a full list of ingredients by product. 

With Cleanyst, your single-use plastic footprint from home and body care products will dramatically shrink…

Not only will you eliminate around 100 plastic bottle per year, but you’ll cut single-use plastic waste by 80% or more AND shrink your carbon footprint too.

Our lightweight pouches are 100% RECYCLABLE through our mail-back program that we’ve set up to close the loop. Just send us your empties in our postage-paid envelope and earn rewards.

Feeling creative and want to mix up something that’s just right for you?  You can even create your own scents and control their intensity by customizing the Free & Clear products with this initial palette of combinable options:

Personalization is easy—just add our extracts and oils into your bottle as directed like this:


PS:  We’re already developing more scents and additive options for personalization, so stay tuned!

Check out the buzz on social media about our system:

Before founding Cleanyst, we spent most of our careers learning about packaging and ingredients for home and body care products in a supply business our father started in the 1980s. After having our own kids, we grew increasingly concerned about the plastic waste problem and we wanted to become part of the solution. 

In 2015, we were inspired by reusable bottle systems for mixing surface cleaners by diluting low viscosity concentrates. Since the products you can produce this way are very limited, we set out to build a system that could blend virtually all concentrate types and fully unlock the power of mixing in reusable bottles.

Although sustainability is at the heart of our mission, we’re also dedicated to giving you amazing products that are safe, effective, and customizable. With our team of R&D scientists who come from brands like L’Oreal and Revlon, we bring you thoughtful, cutting-edge formulations and the very best in plant-based ingredients.

We have the knowledge, experience and passion to execute on Cleanyst, and now need your support to bring our vision to life. Meet our core team (pictured from right to left):

  •  Nick Gunia, Co-Founder, Chief Reuse Officer
  •  Matthew Gunia, Co-Founder, Ingredients
  •  Mark Gunia, Co-Founder, Packaging & Operations
  •  Edgar Carseles, Senior R&D Scientist
  •  Michael Karavolos, Product Marketing Manager
  •  Monica Advani, Senior R&D Scientist
  •  Jerry Lozinski, Product Development Manager (not pictured)
  •  Otto Schwarzkopf, Creative Director (not pictured)

We hope you will become part of our reuser community and join us in confronting environmental challenges that threaten our children’s future.  Let’s mix it up—for a cleaner home, body and planet!

Get Your Project Funded Today!

Get Your Project Funded Today!

We’ve structured our reward tiers around the number of reusable bottles and pouches you will initially receive in your starter kit. 

If you want to minimize plastic even further, you’ll love this exciting stretch goal:

Once we reach $150,000 in pledges, all backers will have an option to upgrade to glass bottle bodies if desired after our campaign is over.   

The glass bottle bodies will come with a protective silicone sleeve and here’s what they will look like:

Why are you on Kickstarter?

With our vision finally coming to life after nearly 4 years of product development, the next step for us was to figure out how to take our concept to market and get it into the hands of as many people as possible. It soon became clear that crowdfunding would be the first step of our go-to-market strategy. With your support, we can empower individuals to easily mix natural home and body care products that make a fraction of the environmental impact.   

Risks and challenges

We have a strong manufacturing plan and supply chain in place, and we will work full-speed to meet our delivery goals. That said, things can happen in real-time to disrupt even the best laid plans. Unforeseen production delays, geopolitical events, and even natural disasters are always a real possibility. However, we promise that you will always have our full disclosure should any delays occur. Communicating with you in a timely manner and ensuring the earliest possible delivery of a high-quality product will always be our top priorities. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to visit our campaign, and we hope you’ll join us in our vision for a cleaner, greener future in home and body care.

Contact Information:


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