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Jun 17, 2019 5:05 PM ET

United Capital We offer Financing and implementing investment projects, consulting and financial services

United Capital We offer Financing and implementing investment projects, consulting and financial services

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019

We offer Financing and implementing investment projects, consulting and financial services. We decided to move the business to the Internet network and for this we represent innovative project of international business network, in which we would like to invite as many users as possible and give them opportunity to build up a working relationship with each other, share, rate and finance business ideas and projects, find partners, investors , etc. We want to be pioneers in the market which will facilitate communication, sharing experience and online relationship between entrepreneurs.We provide consulting services in financial market since 2002, so we are well aware of the needs of small businesses for development. We have been creating Internet portal with our existing revenues, which we plan to launch in test mode from July 1st, 2015, that will allow any registered customer to use basic services. We need funding of $3 200 000 to fill our working capital, increase the credit portfolio, which in turn will increase our revenues and opportunity to provide more resources for the project. Support and join us! Every single one of you not only with your financial resources, but with any kind of participation is crucial for us. We are seeking funding for continuation and successful development of the project and are going to offer various interests to potential investors and users: 1) Investment in the project in the form of a convertible loan. It will accrue 12% annual interest. After one year, investor will be able to claim amount back or transform (exchange) the loan into preferred, convertible shares of the Company. 2) In exchange for an investment into the Company, the status of a partner will be assigned upon placement. Our credit portfolio is insured from financial risks in the largest insurance company in Georgia Aldagi. Internet project is innovative and critically different from other portals. We unite material resources and intellectual capacities.

Products / Services

placement of business projects

Network members will be able to upload and share their business ideas and projects to others users, search for partners, investors, rate project by 1-10 scale, receive comments about their projects, give advice and recommendations to others. We will participate in the investment process of innovative business projects among other interested investors. Registered “partner” organizations of the portal will be able to take orders from potential investors from different countries. If after analyzing project investors are interested in financing the project, “partner” organizations can engage in monitoring the progress of the project, comprehensive financial management and update reports on the investor page.

Contacts Network users will be divided into three different status categories:
– Member
Users create their own accounts and may upload comprehensive information about their education level, credentials, profession, work experience, business skills, interests and hobbies. Search and build up business or friendly contacts with other users and also talk on-line with different users from various countries. Users will be segmented by different features: profession, education, specialty, location, interests, etc.

In the search of partners

Network will enable registered individuals and companies to upload the information about their products and services, with their prices on their accounts and also search for other users’ products and services with prices. This will make it easier for customers to connect with potential clients. It will be simple for customers to choose their target audience for different products and services.

Consultations, tips

Platform-based universal accounting module will help users to prepare financial statements and analysis. On the portal will be available library, which will form by articles, works, electronic books uploaded by users. Any user will be able to add and save files from library to their account page. They also can exchange video or audio lectures and receive competent answers from experts.



Chief Executive Officer
David Badzgaradze 

David Badzgaradzefinancier, professional participant of securities market. 1994-2001 head of the stock Department of Georgian Maritime Bank. 1998-2002 Secretary of the City Council of Batumi. Since 2002 founder and director of United Capital.

Managing Director Information Technology
Zviad Gvilava

Zviad Gvilavaage 28, from Tbilisi, Georgia. Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technologies.
Graduated from University of Georgia and has seven years of
experience in Web Developing and Information Technologies. After
graduation he worked as IT specialist in the Railway of Georgia,
also had lots of projects from public and private organisations.
Currently works at United Capital as a Web

Chief Operating Officer
Ucha Urushadze

Ucha Urushadze1998-2004 In Georgian Maritime Bank Registrar of Securities of the investment division. 2005-2005 VTB Bank Cash reserve management department. 2005-2011 COO at Liberty Bank’s office in Batumi. 2011 operating officer at BBK financial Group. Since 2011 COO at United Capital.

Group Leader/Lead Technology Officer
Sandro Chakhvashvili

Sandro ChakhvashviliMore than 6 – year experience in Web development and project analysis, as well as in developing of web design and the use of the right direction of Usability. Expert in applying object oriented PHP right code; Experience in performing Project Manager’s job; Experience in dealing with customers and any kind of inaccuracies regarding the project; Deadline orientated and having the ability to organize and present complex solutions clearly and accurately; Highly motivated and dedicated to delivering the highest possible standard of work whilst maintaining a strong customer focus.

Group Leader/Lead Software Engineer
Irine Latsoshvili

Irine LatsoshviliGraduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tbilisi State University and currently is entering university for Master’s Degree.
Has three-year experience in software development. Has worked on a project of Targeted Initiative for Georgia.

Contact Information:

Irine Latsoshvili

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