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Jun 17, 2019 10:35 AM ET

"The Voltage Ring"Lightning fractal glow ring blending natural and space-age materials. A collaboration between 3 companies that started on Kickstarter.

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019

Lightning fractal glow ring blending natural and space-age materials. A collaboration between 3 companies that started on Kickstarter.


Hi Kickstarter, we are three companies (and makers) that all got our start here on Kickstarter, and today we wanted to comeback and share a new project we’ve been working on with the community that created us. – Tyler, Patrick, and John 

STRETCH GOALS UPDATE: We’re so excited and happy by the success of the project! We’re pumped to announce we’ve reached three of our stretch goals, we’re now offering White glow as a color option, the Voltage Pendant, a pendant featuring the same fractal design as the Voltage Ring, and a Free UV Light Keychain with every order! – Check them out at the bottom of the page!

Meet the Voltage Ring. Inspired by natural bioluminescence, we set out to create a ring that embodied the raw and unbridled energy found in nature. We ended with a ring that captures the excitement of a truly brilliant bolt of lightning. Each voltage ring features a Wooden Band with Fractal Burns that Glow at night thanks to our own proprietary formula. 

Featured on BackerCity and BackerClub!

Each and every Voltage Ring is handmade in America through a collaborative effort between our three companies: Carbon Fi, Carbon 6, and Patrick Adair Designs. Making this (as far as we know) the largest collaboration Kickstarter’s ever seen. 

The foundation of each Voltage Ring is a luxury wooden band, handcrafted out of your choice of maple, cherry, or walnut. Each band is complimented by a luminescent glow liner. The liners are made using the same material and process as luxury Swiss watches and charged using UV rays that can be found in black lights or natural sunlight. We are also offering the opportunity to replace the luminescent liner with a luxury grade forged carbon fiber or aerospace grade titanium liner! 

What truly sets the Voltage Ring apart is the fractal burned into each ring. Taking inspiration from lightning, the fractals are created by transmitting over 10,000 volts through the wood using high voltage iron probes. Electricity travels from one probe throughout the wood and back into a second probe. This unique process is what creates the incredible lightning bolt pattern seen on the outside of each ring. Each fractal is completely random meaning that no two rings will ever be identical. 

While fractal burning is not uncommon in larger art pieces, we are the only team currently able to apply it to jewelry, but the complexity of the Voltage Ring doesn’t stop there. Once the fractals are created, they are hand filled with pure strontium aluminate glow crystals. The micro-glow crystals intake energy through uv light or heat energy and slowly emit it back out overtime as visible light. The color of the light that is emitted is dictated by the internal crystal structure which outputs a visible wavelength in the ROYGBV light spectrum

The pattern that is left is known as a Lichtenberg figure and it beautifully displays the path electricity takes when flowing through a material.
The pattern that is left is known as a Lichtenberg figure and it beautifully displays the path electricity takes when flowing through a material.

This complex process makes each Voltage Ring completely unique and one of a kind.   

The Voltage Ring was born from our goal to create a piece of jewelry that could capture the raw beauty seen in arcing electricity. Lightning is represented wonderfully in larger art pieces through the fractal burning process. Our goal was to use our combined expertise in the Jewelry industry to perfect this process and apply it to smaller pieces at scale. We took careful consideration in our design: every choice of material, color, and finish is deliberate and intentional.  

We love the symbolism of the rings being burned but then rebuilt to be better and brighter than ever before
We love the symbolism of the rings being burned but then rebuilt to be better and brighter than ever before


This project required the necessary experience of all three of our companies:

Carbon 6‘s specialty in precision CNC machining allows for the two piece bands to be manufactured quickly and precisely. They’re also the only company able to produce fractal burns precise enough to be added to rings at scale.

These rings wouldn’t be half as amazing if they didn’t have a brilliant glow solution. The Voltage Rings feature a luminescent glow liner on the inside and a glow resin inlay on the outside of the ring. Carbon Fi makes all of this possible by bringing in a proprietary resin solution that has been formulated to have the maximum glow brightness and duration. He calls it: SuperLume.

The final design challenge that we faced was the inlaying and finishing process. Due to the unique nature of each ring, they need to be hand inlaid with strontium aluminate and hand finished. This is where Patrick Adair Designs shines. Featuring over a dozen seasoned artisans, they specialize in creating handmade rings making them the perfect team to hand finish each Voltage Ring. 

Each Voltage Ring is Born in Brooklyn, New York:

  • The wooden stock is processed and machined into bands
  • The titanium, carbon fiber, and lume liners are machined and inserted into the wooden band
  • High voltage is used to burn fractals into the wood
  • The rings then are packed and leave Brooklyn

And Finished in Salt Lake City, Utah:

  • The rings are vacuum infused with a clear resin to make them waterproof
  • The fractals are packed with strontium aluminate glow crystals and infused with a resin (sourced from Carbon Fi in Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Each voltage ring is carefully hand sanded then given a glossy finish
  • The ring is packaged and shipped to the customer
A finished Voltage Ring
A finished Voltage Ring

What Materials Make a Voltage Ring?

Wooden Band:

There are three varieties of wood available: Cherry, Walnut, and Maple. The Cherry option features a beautiful reddish-brown hue. Walnut is darker with a rich earthy tone. Our Maple wood bands feature a lighter color with an elegant, smooth grain pattern.


Titanium Insert: At 3X the strength of steel, Titanium is an excellent and straightforward choice. Featuring a polished metallic finish, it gives a traditional and professional look to your ring. We use aerospace grade titanium which is incredibly lightweight making it a perfect choice to accent the wooden band. 

Forged Carbon Fiber Insert: Forged Carbon Fiber is a luxury material that is commonly reserved for Super Cars (like the Lamborghini Hurracan). Hand forged in Brooklyn, New York, it features a beautiful marbled pattern that can’t be found in normal Carbon Fiber. Our Forged Carbon Fiber is silky smooth and incredibly lightweight meaning most of the time you will forget it’s even on your finger. 

Luminescent Resin Insert: Our proprietary SuperLume resin is made using the same high quality, long-lasting, and non-toxic materials found in luxury Swiss watches. It is rated to have intense glow for 10+ years. The glow is powered by UV radiation that can be found in natural sunlight or the light bulbs around your house. If you are looking to rapidly charge your voltage ring, we highly recommend you use a black light! 

Risks and challenges

The only major risk of this project is the timeline of fulfillment. Fortunately, we have the benefit of the experience from Carbon Fi’s 10 successfully fulfilled Kickstarter campaigns to guide us. Another way we’ve minimized our risks is by having all the manufacturing done by our own companies in the United States rather than outsourced. This leaves us firmly believing that we can achieve the timeline set forth.

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