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Jun 17, 2019 4:05 PM ET

The Rowing Team, LLC creates digital solutions that challenge people to think bigger, better and brighter.

The Rowing Team, LLC creates digital solutions that challenge people to think bigger, better and brighter.

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019

Grounded in the latest neuroscience, The Rowing Team, LLC creates digital solutions that challenge people to think bigger, better and brighter. Using gamification techniques and corporate training best practices, The Rowing Team launched Blue Ocean Brain in September 2012, with West Marine (US Boating Retailer) piloting Blue Ocean Brain.

Creativity is the number one business skill needed for the future according to an IBM Global CEO survey. Lack of employee engagement costs the typical company 35-40% of payroll. Blue Ocean Brain is a 10-minute training application created to improve brain health, drive innovation and increase employee performance and engagement for better financial results.

Since November of 2012, Alliance Data Network, Healthcare Payment Specialists, Scripps Networks, Rutgers University, Aqua America, Novartis, Altria, American Society for Training & Development and other organizations have purchased and implemented Blue Ocean Brain.

In the consumer channel, The Rowing Team created, the first brain training solution for women. Women are diagnosed w/Alzheimer’s at twice the rate of men, and demand for brain training is expected to triple to $1.5 billion by 2015. Real Simple Magazine and Fitness Magazine partner with The Rowing Team to deliver Daisy Brains brain games on their website.

Products / Services

Blue Ocean Brain is a cutting-edge web-based brain health and wellness application for companies of all sizes and across multiple industries. The product fills a significant void in the corporate wellness market for a brain-focused health and wellness product that blends actionable critical thinking and health-related content with gamification techniques to drive employee engagement and performance. New content is offered every day, 365 days a year, offering relevant and unique learning opportunities to employees. Our belief: “Better thinking. Better results. Good for business.”

The first digital brain training product designed especially for women. Daisy Brains includes clinically-designed brain games, brain teasers and drawing challenges, and Users track their scores to improve their performance. The site also includes daily quotes, articles and facts to educate users on brain health and nutrition and for developing a brain-healthy lifestyle. Daisy Brains has received significant attention from the consumer market – over 30,000 unique visitors have visited the site and 6,000 have signed up for a free membership.



Chief Executive Officer
Claire Herring

Claire Herring brings 10 years of clinical management and 10 years of Big Four consulting experience at Ernst & Young and Deloitte. Claire elected to leave Deloitte in September 2011 to focus full time on developing and launching products for The Rowing Team. While at Deloitte, Claire developed and co-led a new national healthcare service offering, generating $23 million in sales in the first year. Ranked in the top 5% every year in Big Four, Claire served as a national trainer and speaker for both E&Y and Deloitte. Claire was nominated for Partner at Deloitte in 2010 and was offered partnership in 2011, passing on this prestigious opportunity to lead The Rowing Team. Claire is passionate about helping people improve performance by advancing their critical thinking skills. A former Director of Neuro-rehabilitation, Claire designs employee learning experiences grounded in neuroscience. Claire holds a Bachelor’s from Wake Forest, Master’s from UNC-Chapel Hill, and an MBA from UCF.

Chief Financial Officer
Gemma Brooks

Gemma Brooks has eight years of Big Four consulting experience at Ernst & Young and Deloitte. Gemma has co-led a national healthcare service and served as the national service-line trainer. Gemma has been rated in the top 5% among firm professionals for seven years which has been evidenced by receiving the highest rating possible during the review periods at both Ernst & Young and Deloitte. Gemma holds a B.S. and an MBA from Indiana University. She received a full academic scholarship to Indiana University.

Chief Operating Officer
Laura Howard

Laura Howard has 22 years of experience, including seven years of Big Four consulting experience at Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche as a top-rated Senior Manager. Laura led complex engagement teams to develop and deliver leading practices recommendations and business plans to client executives. She has extensive corporate experience, both in small business and large corporate environments, with a focus on business development, operations, and systems integration. Laura has also been a core member of start-ups in her career, including a very successful launch of an internet-based healthcare business solution. Laura was part of the early business growth (<40 employees), helping the company transition products and operations to service larger customers. Serving as the Vice President of Operations, she was involved in strategic planning & operational execution during a critical growth phase. Laura holds a B.A. from the University of Virginia.

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Laura Howard

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