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Jun 17, 2019 6:15 PM ET

Learning4All With the explosive growth in online and blended learning

Learning4All With the explosive growth in online and blended learning

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019


With the explosive growth in online and blended learning, schools are faced with having to pay high premiums, upwards of two thousand dollars a student for access to high quality online material. Learning4All’s mission is to change the educational landscape by providing schools blended learning software that manages, organizes, and integrates with third party applications and third party content, to create an intuitive way for teachers to effectively manage their blended learning environment for free.

Learning4All provides software solutions that allow schools to deliver quality blended learning programs. The Learning4All software provides schools a common place where they can access all of their digital learning resources. The software creates an environment where the users have a seamless experience that is intuitive for each user. Within the blended learning software, the users are able to efficiently manage their blended learning environment.

Learning4All’s consulting and project management services enable schools to design and implement instructional models for use in their blended learning environment. The founders have over thirty years of combined experience designing and implementing research-based and result proven instructional methodologies and models in traditional, blended and virtual learning environments. They have designed multiple comprehensive technology platforms for online school registration, student information, content delivery and virtual instruction. The Learning4All staff is dedicated to helping schools create and implement instructional models that provide staff and students a quality blended learning program that enables Learning4All students.

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