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Jun 17, 2019 10:20 AM ET

From waste to sustainable sneaker

From waste to sustainable sneaker

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019

Victor Lou. Our mission is to make the shoe industry a zero-waste industry that leaves a more positive impact on people and the planet.


 What if you could change the world by buying a single pair of sneakers? 

Did you know that every year there are 20 billion shoes produced? Guess where these shoes end up. Right, at the dump. That means a huge waste of resources and high pressure on people and the planet. 

We believe that it’s madness that we keep producing shoes that are not sustainable and that are dumped straight after use. That’s why we were determined to find a way to change this. We didn’t just find a way to create less waste, we even found a way to use waste. This is how we are going to do it! 

Why our Victor Lou’s are so sustainable? 

In our search, we discovered that we could create sneakers out of 100% chrome free waste leather coming from the car industry. This doesn’t just mean that we’re creating less waste with a high-quality shoe, we are actually using a waste product to create our Victor Lou sneakers. 

We decided to only work together with partners who value sustainability just as high as we do. Not just our manufacturer who puts the shoes together with all the pieces of leather coming in at his factory, but also our packaging company and delivery service are focusing on sustainability. And our sneakers can be recycled after use.

Sustainability is in every detail of our production process and for each pair sold, we will plant a tree to compensate for the transport to deliver at your doorstep. 

With buying your first pair of Victor Lou’s, you are part of changing the shoe industry into a sustainable, and maybe one day even, zero-waste industry. 

If you could make a difference by buying one pair of sneakers, would you do it?

Order your first pair of Victor Lou’s and help us share our story. #whatdoyoustandfor?    


Our first collection of sustainable sneakers is designed and created with waste-leather from the car industry. The colors that are used, are the colors of the leather seats of our supplier’s cars (you guess which cars). 

We designed a basic model that suits both men and women and any kind of style. Fashionable, sporty or business style. One sneaker fits all. 

The first model Victor Lou’s come from European size 37 till 46 and are designed for men. This doesn’t mean that they don’t suit or fit women. It’s just that they are not specially designed for women, which means the shoes can be a little larger than expected. Look at size tabel for the details.


Our manufacturer creates our sneakers out of 100% waste-leather coming from the car industry. We made a conscious decision to work with leather, because it lasts long, is high quality, and in this case would have been wasted otherwise. In the future, we will be looking into new materials and options to always stay as sustainable as possible. 


Recycling is an incredibly important element of changing the shoe industry, because your old pair of shoes lying in the back of the closet, has value.

Your waste literally is our resource and your next pair of shoes!

At the moment only 5% of the 20 billion pairs of shoes produced each year, is recycled. With your help, we are going to bring that number up!

 This is how it works: 

  • If you buy a pair of Victor Lou’s, you can send them back at the moment you stop wearing them. No matter if it’s after one year or ten years.
  • When you send the pair of shoes back, you get a shopping voucher for your next pair of Victor Lou’s.
  • We send the shoes out to a company who is specialized in recycling. Not a single pair will be sent to a third world country for second-hand use. Why not? Because studies show that there is little need and with that, we just shift the problem to them.
  • The recycling company separates the different materials and shredders them for reuse for the same or different products.
  • Our goal is to, in the future, use this shredded material for the next pair of Victor Lou’s. With that, we create a system of reused materials.






Once we discovered that every year there are more than 20 billion shoes produced, and most of them end up at the dump or in the trash, we felt that this is insanity. That’s why we decided to start doing something about it. 

Our mission is to make the shoe industry a zero-waste industry that leaves a more positive impact on people and the planet. 

Sounds like an ambitious goal from the point where the industry is standing now, right? 

True, but we have to start somewhere, and we truly believe that this change is not a revolution but an evolution. Step by step we can become more sustainable and make people aware of their impact. We founded Victor Lou to raise awareness, give consumers a sustainable option and clear the path for other brands in the shoe industry to start making more conscious decisions, too. 


Ruben and Carlo really believe that they can make a change in the shoe industry, and their desire to make that change is bigger than their desire to make money. That’s why I want to work with them and I would be happy if I could help build a bridge between sustainability and commerce.


The amount of plastic that is piling up at this moment really doesn’t make any sense to me. I believe that it’s unacceptable to keep going like we’re going and we have to make a change.

We shouldn’t wait for it, but we should start creating change ourselves. That’s what Victor Lou is doing, and that makes me believe in this project.


As a storyteller I always hope that I can create stories that are so pure and honest that I don’t have make it look any different than it is. It’s just my job to discover. That’s why I feel so privileged to work with Ruben and Carlo. Their drive to change the shoe industry motivates and inspires me to do my very best job at discovering their story and share it with a bigger audience. 


To me, it’s important that people understand that we can create beautiful products out of waste. Ruben and Carlo are open to new ideas and together we can be creative and really make a difference. 


Fast fashion has a huge negative impact on our environment. I believe that sustainability really has to become the norm when it comes to producing, buying and recycling clothing and shoes. The sneakers from Victor Lou are totally future-proof in that regard and that’s why I love working with them. 

Risks and challenges

Our main challenge in the past has been, finding a manufacturer who actually wants to invest in sustainability. The first five factories that we visited in 2015, didn’t want to invest in sustainability. The problem is that shoe factories are incredibly busy and you have to be lucky if they have space for you. They want to produce high volumes and are not looking to collaborate with new business like ours, creating sustainable shoes on a smaller scale.

Luckily we found a manufacturer who is just as driven as we are to find ways to be more sustainable.

Our main challenge from now on is to make people aware of their spendings. We don’t just want to challenge the industry, we want to challenge the way we consume. Do you actually need a new pair of shoes? We didn’t create Victor Lou to make people buy more shoes, we founded the brand to give people a sustainable option once they need a new pair of sneakers.

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Environmental commitments

Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.

Reusability and recyclability


We will implement a return after use program where you can return your shoes after use without a timeline. We will recycle the shoe and you will receive a voucher for a new pair of Victor Lou’s.


Sustainable materials


Our Victor Lou’s are created out of chrome-free waste leather from the car industry.


Sustainable fulfillment and distribution


Sustainability is in every detail of our production process till delivering the shoes at your doorstep in a recycled shoe box.


Something else


For each pair of Victor Lou’s ordered, we will plant a tree. No sneakers needed yet? You can even plant your own little village of trees to support our project.

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