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Jun 17, 2019 9:50 AM ET

CZUR Smart Notebook: Better Organization, Easy Sharing

CZUR Smart Notebook: Better Organization, Easy Sharing

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019

Digitize, organize and store all your ideas, notes and writings in The Cloud. Access, review and share them from anywhere, anytime.


Welcome All!

Following the incredible success of our  CZUR Aura Portable Personal Scanner campaign on Indiegogo , we are proud to introduce our next intelligent and indispensable device – the CZUR Purify Smart Notebook.

With this Cloud-based storage system at your fingertips, you can now digitize and organize your notes, writings and other handwritten works – all intended to save you time, free up memory on your device, and provide you with secure online storage at the same time.

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Capture Every Word You Create and Save Your Precious Memories Forever!

The intelligent scanning and handwriting recognition (OCR) features of the CZUR Purify Smart Notebook will capture every single word on your page, and will then preserve all your brilliant ideas, safely and securely in The Cloud in PDF format, forever.

Of course, you need to ensure your handwriting is legible, to ensure maximum accuracy of the Optical Character Recognition feature.

Preserve Precious Memories and Important Information in an Instant!

Quickly and easily capture and preserve all your treasured memories and other significant information as and when you see it.

With the CZUR APP’s incredible OCR (Optical Character Recognition) accuracy of around 95% for printed texts,  you can also snap all sorts of noteworthy images with your device, such as newspaper clippings, interesting articles, bills and receipts, business cards, movie and travel tickets and so much more.

The possibilities are endless and, at the same time, you eliminate the effort of writing!

Save Time and Effort! 

Enjoy the benefits of automated note syncing for effortless organization and storage. Once you digitize your written works with the CZUR APP, they are automatically synchronized. You can then access all your notes, even when you’re offline! It’s so easy, with no extra effort required for uploading.

And with 10GB of available storage space, you can sync about 100 Notebooks on The Cloud. This effortless efficiency eliminates the extra time you need to find your notes among the piles of papers and notebooks you might need to search through.

Add a Hashtag for Easy Reference

The tag in the CZUR Purify Smart Notebook APP is similar to the hashtag on Twitter and any of the other Social Media platforms. For example, a “travel” hashtag offers quick access to your travel notes, whereas a “todo” hashtag will remind you of a hack.

Be sure to create good tags so you can access and review those pages more easily when trying to locate or refer to something specific.

Make Light Work of Your Life

The CZUR APP allows you to easily connect and integrate with other tools. You can send (or “share”) all your written notes and ideas to other popular Cloud services, including Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, OneNote, OneDrive, iCloud, Trello and Email.

As long as you’re logged in to any of these Cloud Services, you can easily access an infinite number of notes for a lifetime.

Make Your Thoughts Shine

Share your to-do, shopping, movie and book lists; tasks, plans and agendas – and much more – with friends and family or your work colleagues.

 True 180 Degree Lay Flat (without cracking the spine)

Premium Soft Velvet Cover protects and waterproofs

Sleek, stylish and available in a collection of four classy colors

 Choose from Night Sky Blue, Infinity Black, Medium Red and Soft Pink 

Light cream-colored paper is easier on the eyes.

Lightweight and portable

Its compact size and minimalist-inspired design make this notebook a perfect fit for almost any choice of portable carryall.

Fill your CZUR Purify Smart Notebook with your ideas, tasks, dreams, plans, to-do lists, movies and more – in fact, with every moment you wish to cherish and preserve forever.

Ultimately, you will find that the Purify Notebook is the very best way for you to take, and keep, your notes.

Product Gallery

The CZUR Purify Smart Notebook is suitable for students, engineers, designers, business people, busy housewives – in fact anyone who wants to be more organized, creative and productive in their everyday life – both work and play!

Product Specifications 

Field Trail User Survey Feedback

Praise from Delighted Users


Risks and challenges

Founded in 2013, CZUR is an innovative, high-tech product design and manufacturing company that focuses on Smart Solutions for both business and personal use. Following the incredible success of our previous campaign on Indiegogo, we now have our logistics, manufacturing and customer service departments dialed in and humming smoothly at maximum efficiency.

We’ve also appointed additional team members to fine-tune and enhance both our productivity and our production capacity. Our team has been working closely with our suppliers and logistics partners to ensure that your new CZUR Purify Notebook arrives in perfect condition, and as soon as possible.

That said, an issue may arise that is beyond our control. In the case of any unexpected production or delivery delays, we promise to communicate with transparency and to work around the clock to ensure we deliver and please you in every way possible.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance for your much-appreciated support!

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