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Jun 17, 2019 8:25 PM ET

60 Lovers To Make And Do: A Sophie Herxheimer Artists' Book

60 Lovers To Make And Do: A Sophie Herxheimer Artists' Book

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019

Short poems & glorious drawings describe a litany of characters collaging everyday objects into companions for themselves.


Imagine a forest made of stories.

Sophie Herxheimer and Henningham Family Press have form. We have already published some of her most ambitious and inventive books. Take The Listening Forest for example. 

The Listening Forest paperback
The Listening Forest paperback

In 2015 Sophie was coming to the end of an Artists’ Residency. She had been commissioned by Fermynwood Contemporary Arts to collect stories in ink from the people of Corby, about what their woods have meant to them. She brought her sheaves of tree climbing children, couples in the undergrowth and even a naked cyclist to us, to be put in a book with a heartwood of poems she had written about her experience.

We suggested there were two books – one of our very first split editions. 

  • We made a regular paperback for the people of Corby to own, now reprinted several times (people further afield have been so drawn to their stories). 
  • We also made five monumental concertina books with a screenprinted pamphlet of poems sewn in for exhibition: 30 metres of gorgeous A3 prints.

It’s no wonder Sophie came to us to bring her latest book, 60 Lovers To Make And Do, to life! 

Cover Concept Collage
Cover Concept Collage

She made 60 lovers from a pile of drawings, a paperback and 20m exquisite book-cloth.  

With your support, we can make a split edition of 60 Lovers To Make And Do with Sophie Herxheimer this summer:

  • Undertaking an artistic collaboration creating drawings, collages and poems that will be reproduced in the book.
  • Making a high-quality paperback version sold in high-street shops.  
  • Making a deluxe hardback edition using the same offset-litho print run. 

The short, funny poems of Sixty Lovers To Make And Do by Sophie Herxheimer gradually reveal an occasionally dark, even macabre meditation on love and loneliness. A litany of characters collage everyday objects to make companions for themselves, focusing their loneliness, frustration and passions upon their creations. 

The book, moving through Spring to Summer, Autumn and Winter will evoke simultaneously the seasons of a year and a lifetime. Its glorious illustrations will suggest an urban Book of Hours where the objects of private devotion are assemblages of things, disturbing their surroundings:


She spirited a suitor from incense, nail clippings, 

and some ceramic tiles. 

She kept him in a coffin to start with 

but he was so quiet and respectful 

that she invited him home to live with her. 

Her parents never knew about him, 

well they do now. 

A collection of cut-out and collage ideas re-purposing old activity books.
A collection of cut-out and collage ideas re-purposing old activity books.

 Beyond the forest. 

This artistic collaboration will culminate in a rich collection of Sophie’s imagery and poetry on the page.

Imagine reading a handmade book. Hundreds of thousands of exquisite books are housed in special collections, but rarely get seen. 

Our handmade Artists’ Books are collected by National Galleries Scotland, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate, The National Poetry Library, UCL, Winchester, UCLA and many more, including private collections. But we make them to be touched.

High-quality Paperback Concept
High-quality Paperback Concept

Imagine Artists’ Books released into your hands.

We want to break the barrier between Artists’ Books kept behind closed drawers, and the books readers buy and savour.

We believe, in the centenary years of Modernism, Artist-Writers shouldn’t just be producing radical words but radical means of production and distribution.  

Our sales team at Inpress Books Ltd. have made our dream of bringing Artists’ Books to readers a tried and tested reality. Support us as we continue to put our paperback Artists’ Books in high-street and online booksellers, internationally. 

The same printed sheets are split between hand-binding and paperbacks for shops.
The same printed sheets are split between hand-binding and paperbacks for shops.

Two pamphlets sharing a single stitch. 

We said we had form – in fact we’re recidivists. Sophie’s book of poem-collages Your Candle Accompanies The Sun, her homage to Emily Dickinson, was another celebrated collaboration that, likeThe Listening Forest, comes with some of our reward tiers. 

“A wonderful book.” Sarah Bodman, a.n 

We designed a new stitch for this book, putting a small pamphlet of Emily Dickinson poems selected by Sophie in the same cover as her larger collages, like their two personalities sharing teatime on the ladies’ planet. 

Sophie Herxheimer. 

Velkom to Inklandt, Sophie’s most recent poetry collection, was a Sunday Times’ Poetry Book of the Year and The Observer’s Poetry Book of the Month. Other recent publications include an entry in The New Concrete and the collection Your Candle Accompanies the Sun. 

Sophie trained in painting at Camberwell and Chelsea. She has held residencies for Southbank Centre and Transport for London. Exhibitions include The National Poetry Library,  The National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern and a five-year installation at the Museum of Liverpool. 

She has illustrated five fairy tale collections, made many artists books. She created a 300 metre tablecloth to run the length of Southwark Bridge, featuring hand printed food stories from a thousand Londoners.  

More About Henningham Family Press. 

For 12 years we have made Art & Literature that redefines the act of publication: 

  • For the WW1 Centenary The National Poetry Library commissioned a solo exhibition of An Unknown Soldier, an exhibition of Artists’ Books and Prints. 
  • Our Performance Publishing stimulates contributions from a hands-on audience. In 2016 ACE funded The Maximum Wage. We led 9 Artists & 300 visitors from diverse backgrounds; making publications composed, printed and distributed live: “Performance combining hectic game-show silliness, satirical bite and economic critique” The Times Literary Supplement 
  • In 2018 we joined Inpress Books. Their sales team place our Split Editions of Now Legwarmers, Pascal O’Loughlin (endorsed by Marian Keyes & Ali Smith) and Dedalus, Chris McCabe with booksellers.
David and Ping Henningham in the studio.
David and Ping Henningham in the studio.

Risks and challenges

You will be funding the process of composition. For a guide as to whether or not you will like the completed books you can see our previous work at

Unique items subject to availability, first come first choice.

There could conceivably be delays of up to one month on delivery of any item. However, we think these are unlikely. We are using a tried and tested production method and we have communicated with partners to find about their Brexit planning.

One unforeseen risk on previous campaigns was that with any extra funding come more opportunities and processes. We like to spread the joy if there is surplus funding by enhancing every edition of the book, which will also add a couple of weeks’ work.

There’s a very slim chance materials might be discontinued.

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