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Jun 14, 2019 9:50 AM ET

Vibizon is a software company targeting the burgeoning $1.2 trillion e-business (includes ecommerce) markets.

Vibizon is a software company targeting the burgeoning $1.2 trillion e-business (includes ecommerce) markets.

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 14, 2019

Vibizon is a software company targeting the burgeoning $1.2 trillion e-business (includes ecommerce) markets. Many enterprises are expanding on the internet and need our solution. Our leadership has sold businesses to the Fortune 500.

The market need for Vibizon has been ignited by many enterprises transforming to e-business transactions as digital marketplaces converge with brick-and-mortar based businesses. Using a multitude of different programs and interfaces hinders digitization, and has created a paper-laden, time-consuming, and error prone process that remains a pain point for an estimated 84% of enterprises and consumers. Vibizon’s value proposition is that its unique, artificial intelligence E-Biz software program saves enterprises and consumers time and costs and can be easily tuned to meet specialized needs. Vibizon beats the competition in flexibility, price, and convenience. Amazon has one configurable marketplace that is dominating major portions of e-commerce but does not provide an e-business program where e-commerce can better synchronize with other business in real-time. A few other major companies such as Apple and Microsoft built an operating program for PCs and smart phones but have not built a smart E-Biz program. Vibizon’s E-Biz is unique. Multiple participants conducting e-business can use Vibizon’s unique System Management, turn on 1 or more applications as needed, and use its better business intelligence and analytics (BI &A). Vibizon’s business model is to provide enterprises easy access to its E-Biz software program with flexible options; in exchange for subscription and/or transaction fees. Vibizon has tested and is ready to implement its E-Biz program tuned for healthcare and education markets. In addition, Vibizon has signed marketing partners that include some of the largest companies in the US to facilitate e-commerce transactions, and they have expressed an interest in using Vibizon’s E-Biz program to conduct e-business.

Products / Services

Vibizon e-business product

The solution to the market need is to use Vibizon’s unique AI powered e-business software program, which is will assist enterprises of all sizes to expand their business through digital transactions. Vibizon’s E-Biz program includes many integrated enterprise modules and can be easily configured into niche products for the targeted enterprise. Vibizon’s E-Biz program include modules such as web-site/social media, human resources/personnel, marketing. sales, customer service, purchasing, inventory, billing, accounting, and business intelligence and analytics. E-Biz also includes newer and specialized applications such smart contracts, configure-price-quote (CPQ), funding management and other specialty applications. In addition, Vibizon’s E-Biz marketplace provides goods and services through its e-commerce application. Each marketplace used in E-Biz is specific to a target retail or service based market, and is focused to meet the needs of enterprises and consumers.



Chief Executive Officer
Paul W. Harrison 

Paul W. HarrisonThe management team has extensive experience and several successes. The team has an executive that was in the Fortune 500, produced technologies that have been used by an estimated 125 million people worldwide, and started and sold several companies that ultimately created over $5 billion in new revenues and value. In addition to a strong management team, Vibizon has a dynamic team in key functional areas and will be enhancing its infrastructure and personnel after raising capital and growing its revenues. Vibizon believes a strong empowered team that can take direction and operate independently is important to its success.

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Paul W. Harrison

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