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Jun 14, 2019 10:45 AM ET

The Delivery Store Holdings, LLC holds Mobile Scripts/How About Now Delivery/Now Restaurant

The Delivery Store Holdings, LLC holds Mobile Scripts/How About Now Delivery/Now Restaurant

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 14, 2019

The Delivery Store Holdings, LLC holds Mobile Scripts/How About Now Delivery/Now Restaurant Delivery/Let’s Do Now Delivery providing “Same Day in an hour or more” delivery services to retail merchants and their customers throughout the United States

Mobile Scripts, LLC New Jersey, was founded in January of 2013 after identifying, researching, and participating in the prescription delivery market. The business began operations in July of 2013. Mobile Scripts primary focus was delivering prescriptions under contract for one major Pharmacy chain to their customers, as well as front end store products to pharmacy store customers. 
From July 2013 until November 2014, the company grew from 11 stores at inception, to 66 stores efficiently and effectively with minimal capital and personnel to provide for this growth. After 3 months of operations, Mobile Scripts was profitable and able to pay all expenses from gross profit. With additional capital funding, the company can be a dominant player within the same day in an hour or more delivery marketplace.
Our most valuable contribution to the marketplace is having the ability to “pick-up” and deliver orders in volume from order creation to delivery to end consuming customers within one hour or more depending on what the customer is willing to pay for. This can be accomplished through the capabilities and functionality of our delivery management system, and effective capitalization and utilization of trained and efficient delivery personnel. 
When operations solidify in the US market, additional market opportunities globally for all companies under The Delivery Store, Inc. umbrella will catapult company as the global leader for same-day delivery solutions. 
Other retail markets including general retail, restaurant, and heavy item and commercial delivery will provide for 92+% for all same day delivery throughout the US. The potential is enormous!
By year 5, companies will be offered as an Initial Public Offering on all international and domestic equity markets bringing extensive offerings to the international community.
After completing IPO, company will compete utilizing extensive delivery network, in the general parcel and package shipping market.

Products / Services


We offer same day in an hour or more delivery of merchant products. Merchant customers will be able to increase their customer acquisition and retention through our delivery and customer services.
We will reward the end consuming customer with delivery credits, discount electronic coupons, for reaching milestones in service utilization, and referral credit discounts for providing us with a family, friend, neighbor, or coworker that can utilize our services as reduced or free upgraded services. We also will reward the merchant with volume and group discounts on services used as a means of reducing their delivery expenses without sacrificing delivery or customer service levels. 
There are also additional enhanced services that we will offer merchants that can significantly increase his supply chain management, sourcing and procurement services, product lifecycle management, and various other management services that can help equip merchant with tools and resources to help him/us grow.



Chief Executive Officer
Gary K. Dages 

Gary K. DagesGary is a dynamic, experienced, and passionate entrepreneur who likes nothing better than to start new businesses and make them profitable.
The variety of businesses he has owned includes The SCS Collection System for use by the Medical Profession, MedMGT Medical Billing Services to private practicing physicians, Mobile Scripts, LLC Prescription Delivery services, and various unfunded opportunities. Most recently he started The Delivery Store, Inc., parent company to Mobile Scripts, LLC, How About Now Delivery, LLC, Now Restaurant Delivery, LLC, and Let’s Do Now Delivery, LLC where he now focuses most of his attention. 
Gary’s favorite part of being an entrepreneur is being able to provide people with products and services that will enhance their life because it allows him to improve the quality of lives who benefit from these offerings. In doing so, it can be and is a lot of fun! When Gary is not working, he likes to serve in his church, go walking, read, travel, and meet people.

Contact Information:

Gary K. Dages

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