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Jun 14, 2019 10:05 AM ET

Laser Tag Pro manufactures commercial-grade indoor/outdoor laser tag equipment that brings

Laser Tag Pro manufactures commercial-grade indoor/outdoor laser tag equipment that brings

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 14, 2019

Laser Tag Pro manufactures commercial-grade indoor/outdoor laser tag equipment that brings the modern video game to life. Our equipment provides a tactical and competitive style of recreation for all ages. Laser Tag Pro delivers a unique gaming experience driven by fresh innovation, game customization, and unparalleled industry support for our customers. With proven global reach and refined processes, our company is experiencing rapid growth and expansion in the laser tag industry. ————–

Our model is a comprehensive approach to business development. Whether indoor, outdoor, mobile, or fixed laser tag sites, the depth of our experience and breadth of our products enable our customers to provide flexible battlefield arrangements and dynamic experiences for the end-user. In addition to the capital equipment business owners need for success, Laser Tag Pro differentiates itself by providing peripheral services such as online marketing, graphic design, battlefield consultation, software updates, booking services, webinar training, and more. Our company maintains a competitive advantage through the use of our 12,000 square-foot laser tag arena where we carry out product testing and game mode development. At Laser Tag Pro, we understand that the success of our customers is integral to our own. The products and services we provide are designed to acquire loyalty and preserve stable, long-term relationships with those we serve. ————–

In order to pursue our vision, we are seeking support from an investment partner in order to boost our inventory and capitalize key elements of our business. By meeting our funding request you will enable us to launch a strategic offensive which will propel us to the top of our industry.

Products / Services

Battle Rifle Pro

The BATTLE RIFLE PRO is the latest innovation in indoor/outdoor tactical laser tag equipment. Loaded with a host of features including 8 weapon presets, 3 game types, a night range of more than 700 feet, Bluetooth connectivity, 60+ sound effects, over 25 customizable gun setting, admin mode, medic mode, and a night mode. Built in Bluetooth and WIFI control modules makes the Battle Rifle Pro the first of its kind in the industry.

Utility Box

Our new Utility Box is a great addition to the game of laser tag. This box does more then any respawn box on the market. Includes built in sensors, an emitter, a speaker, directional buttons, LEDs, Bluetooth, and WIFI. The Utility box respawns players, can give them new weapons, ammo, and health, with more features on the way. If you are starting a laser tag business then these are a must have. This box is the first of its kind in the laser tag industry. Like everything at LaserTagPro we push the bounds of technology and work hard at creating the most exciting laser tag game around.

Pop Up Bunker

When starting a mobile laser tag business it is important to be able to build out a fun battlefield in the quickest amount of time. Our Pop Up Bunkers will help you do just that. With a set up time less then a minute, and height of almost 6ft you can build a battlefield just about anywhere. Each bunker comes with a carrying bag, stakes, and bags for sand. Our pop up bunker has a special material built into it to block the strong Infrared beams of tactical laser tag equipment which has been a problem with previous bunker solutions. This is the first of it’s kind block 99% of all infrared beams.

Call Sign

Call Sign is a application for smart phone that will take the game of laser tag into a place it has never gone before. This app is currently in alpha stages and is offered by no other company in our space.

Online Marketing Services and Software

LaserTagPro not only provides top notch laser tag equipment to business owner around the world be we help them kick stat their business by providing online marketing services. This involves website design, social media, graphic design, and software that will help our customers be successful in their local market.


Edge is a web based computer software and server solution that will runs on computers or tablets. Our newly designed game engine platform will unlock the battlefield and give business owner total control of their customers experience. Our development strategy for Edge is outside the box and being programmed on the robust foundation of the Unity Game Engine. Unity is a development engine for the creation of 2D and 3D games and interactive content. With game developers at the helm of software development our cross platform solution will ensure a better experience for business owners and players alike.

Battle Rifle XL

The Battle RIfle XL is in its final stages before going into full production. Known as the big brother to the Battle Rifle Pro the XL introduces a new features that you wont find on any other units in the industry. The first is a clip that can be dropped and flipped and slammed back into the gun to reload. A new phone pocket will allow you to secure most smart phones and devices to the tagger itself. A built in adjustable stock is also included making this unit a perfect for for older players, police training, and military personal.



President Development
Aaron Fischer

Aaron FischerWhether it was using the first home laser tag guns from World of Wonders, gunning down his friends with Electronic Survivor Shot, or climbing on the neighbor’s roof with the Laser Challenge Team Force set, from a young age Aaron has been enjoying laser tag! He is also an avid gamer who operated an internet cafe and gaming center. This helped him gain an excellent understanding of the desires of today’s gaming market. After selling his internet cafe in 2009, he opened a successful online marketing business called Oxpose, LLC, which helped small to medium size businesses create a complete online campaign. In 2011, he started his first mobile laser tag business and quickly expanded into gun sales. From there, he began the process of creating his first unit called the Clutch, Feeling restrained by current technologies, he branched off to create his very own brand of laser tag equipment from the ground up and made the Battle Rifle Pro.

Director Operating Officer
Joe McGeorge

Joe McGeorgeJoe has been working in the field of education and training of students in the aviation field for a decade. He has built the Lakeland College aviation program from the ground up over the last few years and has made a decision to leave to field to help build LaserTagPro.. He began working with LaserTagPro over the last year and will join full time employment as the Chief of Operations in the beginning of May. His educational background with a bachelor’s degree in strategic planning, and incredible attention to detail makes him incredible asset to the growth of this company. Described by the owner as an “admin on steroids” Joe McGeorge brings a very important piece to puzzle for our long time growth strategy. His ability to create training material for customers as well as our staff, handling financial projections, or creating systems for everyday operations we believe Joe McGeorge is key the success of this company.

Director Technology Officer
Zachary Dickerson

Zachary DickersonZach will be responsible for new product development projects. His duties will include assessing new products for viability considering design limitations, functionality, and feasibility. He will also be responsible for testing prototype equipment to evaluate performance, safety, and reliability of design. Zach is a professional electronics engineer with 10 years of experience and has spent the last 5 years engineering laser tag equipment and accessories as a hobby. He was recently recruited by LaserTagPro to bring his love, passion, and engineering knowledge to our team. We affectionately refer to him as the “mad scientist” of laser tag.

Contact Information:

Zachary Dickerson

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