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Jun 14, 2019 10:35 AM ET

Honeyguide PDP Acquisition Fund invests in under-valued working interests in proved,

Honeyguide PDP Acquisition Fund invests in under-valued working interests in proved,

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 14, 2019

Honeyguide PDP Acquisition Fund invests in under-valued working interests in proved, developed and oil producing assets in the continental US. We focus on $0-5M deal sizes and seek a 2X ROI in 3-5 years w/o reliance on commodity price appreciation.

The recent fall in oil commodity prices has created a buying opportunity for investors as cash-strapped oil companies seek to restore their balance sheets and begin to divest of their working interests in proven oil and gas wells. Private investment funds like ours can presently find opportunities in the petroleum industry that were inconceivable only a few short years ago. We are now seeing opportunities to acquire prime leasehold interests in the heart of America’s energy producing areas. With the price of oil near all-time lows, and recent announcements by OPEC to limit oil production output, a tremendous window of opportunity exists for Fund investors.

The Fund’s objectives include the targeting of an area of the oil and gas leasehold acquisition and divestiture market that tends to be relatively inefficient due to low asset valuations and are thus often overlooked by larger acquisition funds. Our overall objective is to realize capital appreciation and provide a sustainable income stream from our Investments. We expect that our Investments will typically be in leasehold working interests, royalty interests, mineral rights, completion activities, development drilling and other energy investments.

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Investment Membership Units

Membership Units within the Acquisition Fund priced at $100,000 each. Fractional units are occasionally accepted.



Managing Director Manager
Shibu Mathukutty 

Shibu MathukuttyA proven oil and gas professional with over 10 years of experience as a geoscientist and engineer. Shibu started his career in the Fort Worth Basin working the unconventional Barnett Shale play. For the last half of his career he was a global technical consultant for Halliburton’s Consulting service line, advising IOC’s and NOC’s worldwide for evaluation of their unconventional shale plays. Of these years, he spent two years in Kuwait co-managing an exploration team and providing basin modeling expertise for a conventional exploration project with significant success.

Shibu holds a BS in Petroleum Geosystems Engineering & Hydrogeology from the University of Texas – Austin, a MS in Subsurface Geosciences from Rice University, and a MBA from INSEAD – France. 

Contact Information:

Shibu Mathukutty

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