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May 17, 2019 6:30 AM ET

Mangrove Partners Announces Intention to Withhold Votes for TransAlta Special Committee Members at Upcoming Annual Meeting

iCrowd Newswire - May 17, 2019

Mangrove Partners (“Mangrove“), who together with Bluescape Energy Partners is one of the largest shareholders of TransAlta Corporation (“TransAlta” or the “Company“) (TSX:TA) (NYSE:TAC) with aggregate ownership of 10.1% of the Company’s outstanding shares, today announced that it intends to withhold its votes at the upcoming 2019 annual and special meeting of shareholders (the “2019 ASM“) for Gordon GiffinAlan Fohrerand Beverlee Park, the three members of TransAlta’s Special Committee of the Board who reviewed, evaluated and unanimously recommended the proposed $750 million transaction (the “Brookfield Transaction“) between the Company and Brookfield BRP Holdings (Canada) Inc. (“Brookfield“).

Mangrove also indicated that it remains eligible to put forward its previously submitted nominees for election as directors at the 2019 ASM and may choose to do so prior to the meeting.

Nathaniel August, President and Portfolio Manager at Mangrove Partners, said, “Regardless of its ultimate merits, the Brookfield Transaction appears to have been conceived and rushed to the finish line in response to shareholder dissatisfaction and a threat to the Board’s control, based on the limited information TransAlta has provided.  Under such conditions, TransAlta’s ability to get the best terms for its crown jewel hydro assets was deeply compromised.  Adding to shareholders’ concern, the Board has failed to provide shareholders adequate disclosure regarding what alternative transactions, if any, they explored, why they did not obtain a fairness opinion, or why they rushed to announce an agreement – with key provisions not yet finalized – on the same day as the deadline for director nominations.

Mr. August continued, “It’s particularly troubling that the Board negotiated a deal that ties the Brookfield Transaction to the reelection of management’s nominees at the upcoming annual meeting and includes provisions that protect management and the Board through to the 2022 annual shareholders meeting.  Until TransAlta chooses, or is compelled, to disentangle the Brookfield Transaction from the election of directors and provide the information shareholders need to make an informed decision, we intend to withhold our votes for the three members of the Special Committee who unanimously recommended this coercive transaction.”

As previously announced, Mangrove has applied for a joint hearing with the Alberta Securities Commission (“ASC“) and the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC“) in relation to 2019 ASM and the Brookfield Transaction.  Mangrove seeks orders conditioning the Brookfield Transaction on a vote of TransAlta shareholders not having an interest in the Brookfield Transaction (the “Shareholder Vote“).  Such a vote would exclude Brookfield and any other shareholder with a material interest in the Brookfield Transaction.  Mangrove has also requested that the ASC and OSC require TransAlta to provide shareholders with full and accurate disclosures related to the Brookfield Transaction, as well as analysis of the implication of these disclosures for purposes of the Shareholder Vote. 

Mangrove believes that by requiring a separate shareholder vote on the transaction, with appropriate disclosure for shareholders to make a fully informed decision, TransAlta and its shareholders will have a clear opportunity to consider the potential for superior alternatives and to reject the Brookfield Transaction if any should emerge.  In addition, a separate vote will eliminate the coercion that TransAlta shareholders currently face at the 2019 ASM.

About Mangrove Partners

Mangrove Partners is a value-oriented investment manager founded in 2010. Mangrove’s investment objective is to organically compound net worth while minimizing the chances of a permanent loss of capital.

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