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May 6, 2019 10:31 AM ET

Steelers’ Ryan Shazier is Back On His Feet and How!

iCrowd Newswire - May 6, 2019

Ryan Shazier, the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker is in the limelight. Seventeen months after sustaining a severe spinal injury he is back on his feet. At the time, his doctors were uncertain about whether Ryan would walk again. But the football star has made a superb recovery.


Shazier married his long-time girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez last week in Pittsburgh and celebrated his wedding by dancing the night away with his new bride. Michelle and Ryan who have a 3-month-old son said their vows and cut their wedding cake. They then danced to “This Is How We Do It” playing in the background. A video shot on the occasionshows Ryan smiling at the camera and waving happily.


On December 4, 2017, the 26-year-old NFL starwas involved in a head-on hit during his attempt to tackle a player from the Cincinnati Bengal team. Right after the collision, Ryan collapsed on the football field. He placed his hand on his lower back and while he was able to roll to his side, he was unable to budge his legs. Various tests revealed that he had suffered a spinal contusion. Two days post the incident, Shazier underwent a complex stabilization surgery, but doctors told him that he had only a 20% chance of ever walking again.


An Applaud For The Football Star


After a couple of months of physical therapy and rehab,in Feb 2018, he was finally permitted to leave the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Shazier is an impressive personality and his determination and drive have been an inspiration for colleagues as well as fans everywhere. But this isn’t the first time Ryan has inspired people. In 2018, on the first night of the NFL Draft, he walked across the stage with his now-wife, and left the world in awe.


The heart-warming sight caused the immense crowd at AT&T Stadium to rise in applause.

Other inspirational moments and surprises have dotted Shazier’s journey to complete recovery. Last fall, he walked out confidently onto the Paul Brown Stadium’s field; this was where the injury had occurred. In April, he posted a video of his box-jumping workouts and leg-strengthening sessions.


When Will The Field See Shazier Shine Again?


NFL fans and particularly Shazier fans everywhere are now wondering whether and when he will be back to playing football. While this won’t happen in 2019, Ryan hasn’t given up on the idea of being back on the field doing what he does best. The Steelers have now placed him on the physically unable to perform/reserve list for this season.


Reuters reported that during Super Bowl week Shazier stated he definitely wants to play. He is very clear about the fact that eventually, he aims to get back to playing football. He says that he tries to tell people that just because he was injured while playing the game doesn’t mean he has lost interest in or love for football.

For The Love Of Football


Shazier is quoted to have said that the game has taken him places where he had never expected to go and that he cares immensely about it. He also said that being the league’s best linebacker isn’t where he wants to stop and that he wants to create a legacy that goes far beyond that. On a talk with NFL.com, Ryansaid that he doesn’t just want to play football, but wants to make it to the Hall of Fame.


With the grit and determination he has shown in the efforts to get back to health and fitness, no one doubts that Shazier will emerge successful in this resolve. Hopefully, it won’t be long before he’s back on the field, doing what he is most passionate about.



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