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May 6, 2019 10:26 AM ET

Honoring Teachers During Teachers Appreciation Week

iCrowd Newswire - May 6, 2019

Teaching is a highly underrated profession. It requires a lot of patience, understanding, compassion, and skill to nurture young minds and make them competent adults. In 1984, the Parents and Teachers association declared the first week of May as Teachers Appreciation Week. This is the perfect opportunity to show teachers how much you cherish and respect them.


Flattery Doesn’t Mean Appreciation


Many legislators, school admins, and government mouthpieces voice their support for teachers during teacher’s appreciation week. They make promises to work on their behalf, offer assurances about policy changes, but turn their back on teachers immediately after the week is done. Using teachers as a tool for publicity compounds the error, especially when people in this profession are actively striving to make ends meet.


Speaking To The Legislators


Parents have the power to vote and can ask their representatives to pay attention to their concerns. If you want to show your appreciation to teachers, it is a good idea to talk with your legislators about improving government support. Teachers can benefit from better salaries, better classroom facilities, and more training. Many in this profession are forced to take up secondary jobs to keep up with their expenses. That causes them a lot of stress and can hamper their focus. Stressed and exhausted teachers don’t make the best educators.


Speaking to legislators can help you improve the situation and make it easier for teachers to focus completely on their students. It will also help if the school has enough funding to improve the teacher to student ratio. Teachers can only focus on around 15 to 20 pupils at a time. If the classroom is heavily populated, teachers might not be able to dedicate enough attention to every student, especially if they have students withspecial needs in their classes.


Legislators have the means and resources to improve the situation, but few take any real action to help teachers. If you want to do more for educators during this week, promote their cause and make your fellow constituents aware of the situation.


Simple Letters Of Appreciation


Most students and parents don’t realize that teachers appreciate feedback from people under their wing. Teachers remember students and like to know they made a material difference in someone’s life. The best way to show them appreciation is to write a letter and acknowledge of their contributions. Most teachers collect such letters and preserve them for years to come.


These stories help teachers remain motivated and encourage them to keep influencing student’s lives. If the letters are sincere and showcase just how much the student had benefited from the teacher’s influence, educators can learn from it. Many teachers don’t even realize they’re positively influencing a pupil’s life. By highlighting their contribution, past students can encourage teachers to stay on the same path and help future students similarly.


Donations And Gifts


Most teachers will be happy with a letter and some flowers during Teachers Appreciation Week. However, if you want to go beyond that and give teachers something more concrete, consider donating supplies. Most classrooms have old or insufficient supplies, which impacts both the teachers and the students. The best way to improve the situation for everyone involved is to donate money or supplies to the school.


This allows teachers to teach better and ensure students have everything they need. Supplies and donations are especially helpful for students in poor districts. The government in these districts can’t afford to improve the conditions or teacher salaries. They often rely on past students, parents, and other benefactors to help improve the situation.


If you want to show appreciation for teachers during this week, focus on being sincere and see how you can contribute to improving their lives.

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