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Apr 24, 2019 12:01 AM ET

Earth Day 2019: Protecting the species

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 24, 2019

Do you know what Earth Day is?

Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April to enhance the awareness about environmental care of our natural world.

History of Earth Day

Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April 1970 for the first time. It was started to create awareness for protecting our Earth. You will not believe that at that time most of the people were totally unaware of environmental problems such as Air pollution or industrial waste etc. Gradually, Earth Day became famous in many countries and they take it as a day for abolishing junk and planting the trees. It was for effecting nature in a positive way. Now, Earth Day is widely celebrated across the whole world.

Protection of the Earth species

God blessed our Earth with billions of species of plants and animals. These species are not only the beauty of our planet but also these are very important to maintain a balance in our ecosystem. Protecting them is the responsibility of Human but the balance of nature have irreversibly upset by the activities of human. Due to this, many species of plants and animals are facing the greatest extinction rate. Moreover, climatic changes, husking, inexplicable agriculture, and pollution are the impacts of human activities.

Impacts of human activities on Earth species

There are many species of plants and animals which are on risk due to human’s activities, For example, Whales, Coral reefs, Bear, Giraffes, etc.

Industrial waste

With immerse development in the industrial sector, there is a huge increase in land and water pollution due to industrial waste.

Air pollution

The smoke of industries and automobiles is a major cause of air pollution. Due to this, species of birds and the land plant is affected. It considers as very dangerous for many species. The crops are also affected due to air pollution.


The pesticides are also very harmful to animals and plants. The chemicals in pesticides are not only beneficial to increase agricultural production but also affects animals’ species. Many useful insects are also affected due to pesticides.


Humans are cutting forest to fulfill their wood’s need. The number of forests is decreasing and there is a chance of diminishing many species of plants and tree. Moreover, there are many animals’ species live in forests. If forests decrease, the species of those animals will also be at stake. Such as Giraffes, Elephants, etc.

Steps to take for the protection of Earth species

All living things are useful to maintain the balance of nature. Animals and plants also play an important and unique role in the complex ecosystem so we must take some steps to protect them.

In the end, I want to say that we should not take the animals and plants for guaranteed. These are very essential for our lives too. We must love them and protect them.


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