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Apr 22, 2019 8:52 PM ET

Why I don't watch Game of Thrones, or is it just GoT?

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 22, 2019

I remember forgetting to eat for hours. Having lack of sleep and having no knowledge of
what time it was because I was so invested in watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the t.v show.
I got so attached ’cause 1st, it is a comedy show and 2nd really I feel the show is empathizing to people that you’re not alone whatever feeling you have towards life. May it be sadness, loneliness, even happiness in your own understanding.
Now life did happen to me. As it does to anyone. I graduated from college, got an internship overseas. After that, I was out of job for 2 months. Was looking for one though in that time frame. And then I got a job, so it’s what another season in my life?
Watching T.V or internet streaming was no longer a priority. It is more of what is now my life’s priority.
So at least I did not really intend of not watching Game of Thrones.

Most of my friends and the people that I work with are talking about it. Being excited waiting for the new season to come.
Some even have social media rants about people posting spoilers. Well, that one I can really say is not a good one, it does feel like someone stole your serotonin.

I can always watch GoT if I wanted. But I prefer not to.
I remember the instance that got me decided not to watch the show. It was when a colleague of mine
who happens to be a good friend as well ask me if I was able to watch the new season. I do not know what season she was referring to.
But then I replied, ” I don’t watch GoT nor have I ever watched any of its seasons”. And then the reaction that I got from her was over the top. It was almost humorous for me. She screamed in disbelief, has that question in her face “WHY?”. She did immediately jump to convince me in watching. You know people if they are into something and other people are not, would always say “you miss half of your life”? Well, I guess not really if you decide not to.

So then after that everybody knew. And everyone would come up to me with the same reaction of disbelief and then convince me in really watching it. Some would say, just try 1 season and after that I am sure you would be hooked. Imagine this, I am sitting in an office chair, they are standing in front of me with their hands out like preaching or delivering a speech. Their brows meet each other and I could count a dragon of how many times Emelia Clarke’s characters name would come up.

Every time they do that, or every time I see their reaction is really something,
a good feeling I may say, and I do feel I am superior sitting in my office chair while
they are giving me reasons to watch Game of Thrones. Well, my chair seemed to be my throne?

I intend to keep it like this I may say for the longest time. Because the feeling that I get from their reaction is amazing, it is almost becoming special to me now.

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