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Apr 15, 2019 6:20 AM ET

Inspecting Cryptocurrencies Made Simpler With the Upgraded CryptoHound

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 15, 2019

Conducting crypto research has become less time-consuming. Instead of customizing the search every time from scratch, users can now save their dashboards and resume blockchain analysis at any time. Other time-saving features include the ability to click on a token name to have all widget fields filled in automatically, as well as a “local time” filter for getting more precise statements.

Inspecting blockchain addresses has also become less confusing. The newly added “address book” makes them easily accessible for future reference. Naming, saving, or removing addresses can be done in a few clicks.

This month’s upgrades also include the addition of four new widgets for analyzing ERC-20 tokens. CryptoHound users can now search ERC-20 tokens, see the holders list, consult the price/volume chart, and trace the whole transaction history for a single token.

Finally, there have been some major design updates aimed at improving the website’s usability. These updates focused on home page and the login page.

“There will be many other big updates, soon,” said Fabrizio Fontana, Pre-Sales Manager at ORS Group. “We are really close to becoming the preferred tool of every crypto trader, analyst, or enthusiast willing to get advanced cryptocurrency analytics comparable to that of expensive B2B tools.”


CryptoHound is an intuitive, multi-blockchain platform for analyzing, investigating, and reporting on BTC, ETH, and ERC-20 tokens transactions with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Its functionality includes tracking the money flows for a specific address, visualizing the token portfolio, calculating the historic token values, generating bank-like statements, and more. Among its users, there are cryptocurrency traders, financial analysts, and compliance professionals.

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