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Apr 6, 2019 6:40 AM ET

YOYOW Team Refactored YOYOW App Wallet and Updated it to V2.0

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 6, 2019

YOYOW is a public blockchain for the content industry. As a basic part of the YOYOW project, YOYOW App Wallet has always been a key development project for the YOYOW team. The App Wallet allows users to connect through trusted nodes, manages the user’s YOYO assets, user authorization and user rights, and allows users to interact with the YOYOW content platform and DApp through the App Wallet.

The team spent half a year completely refactoring the entire App Wallet (re-developing the entire App Wallet from scratch). In addition to the underlying refactoring, in this update, the YOYOW App wallet also adopts a newly designed user interface, which greatly improves the user experience, makes the operation smoother, and secures the wallet storage architecture. The new version of iOS and Android App Wallet are native wallets.

New and key optimization features:

1.      The user interface is fully upgraded to optimize the user interaction experience.
2.      Account: multiple account switching
3.      Witness voting: voting extra time
4.      Optimized the “information sales” function, created a personalized shop
5.      New support for multi-function QR code; multi-function QR code supports the following operations: asset transfer, account import, platform authorization, platform login, DApp jump
6.      DApp: open DApp access
7.      System: multi-language interface
8.      Added the account reset function
9.      Added settings of password-free payment for tipping
10.   Added operation details and classification functions
11.   Can delete all wallets and logout
12.   Can hide the account asset amount, and increase privacy


YOYOW is a public blockchain for the content industry. Its goal is to build a blockchain network that uses blockchain technology to quantify contribution for the content production area.

YOYOW hopes to distribute the current traffic dividends held by large social media companies more equitably to content producers, content proponents, website owners, content integrators and ecosystem facilitators.

The YOYOW mainnet has the advantages of high processing speed, free transfer (using points), high performance and efficiency. It enables developers to reach and apply high-performance blockchains at the lowest cost, so as to concentrate on the application level and achieve the widespread implementation of blockchain applications.

YOYOW App Wallet Download Address: https://yoyow.org/client.html

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For any enquiries, please consult:

YOYOW Customer Service WeChat: yoyow99 
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Official Website: https://yoyow.org/ 
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Contact Information:

For any enquiries, please consult:

YOYOW Customer Service WeChat: yoyow99
YOYOW Official Website:
YOYOW Email:
[email protected]

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