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Apr 6, 2019 6:20 AM ET

XDAT Unveils the Bullwhip Movement to Create the World’s Largest Incentivized Crypto Community

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 6, 2019

XDAT (www.xdat.io), a global cryptocurrency trading exchange, today announced the launch of Bullwhip Movement to create one of the world’s largest incentivized crypto community. The intent behind the Bullwhip Movement is to bring about a new wave of adoption of cryptocurrencies amongst users. A bullwhip initiates a ripple effect and in XDAT’s case this would be the first step towards achieving their vision of ‘Crypto for All’. 

With an aim to promote a global crypto ecosystem, the Bullwhip Movement intends to build a community where every user earns while trading. A greater incentive lies if one becomes a Node and helps XDAT propagate the movement by adding new users through their referral link. In return for their participation, Nodes shall receive a Community Token (XCTY) when they achieve €1000 cumulative trading from their Referred Users. A Node can earn incentives of up to €2000 through KYC & Transaction incentives, by encouraging participation on XDAT.io.

A Cambridge study estimates the number of crypto users will reach 200 Million by 2024. The increasing number of users will help cryptocurrencies penetrate the mainstream market where it may be used as a day-to-day currency and eventually be a credible alternative for fiat currencies. This colossal influx of users will boost the growth of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream commodity in the crypto/financial sector. This phenomenon increases the likelihood of cryptocurrencies being used in day to day activities and as an alternative to the current fiat currencies. However, to reach its true potential, cryptocurrencies need to be embraced by users widely which can only be facilitated through mass retail adoption. XDAT’s vision – Crypto for All – aims to gain traction by abiding with regulatory compliance measures as it plays a vital role for mass adoption.

“In this bear market, crypto needs as many ambassadors as we can gather to increase participation in this space,” said Prashanth Swaminathan, Founder & CEO of XDAT. “To manifest this belief, XDAT is investing over €1,000,000 (1 Million euros) to create the world’s largest crypto inclusive ecosystem. Through this initiative, we want to create a positive wave that leads to an amplified nature of adoption and trading.”

XDAT is also providing attractive offers and incentives for regular users to encourage trading on the platform. Apart from earning incentives on completion of Full KYC, a regular user can avail of one of the lowest transaction fees across exchanges starting from 0%. Additionally, with its referral program, users can earn flat 40% of the transaction fees of their referrals, until 31st March, 2019.

About XDAT

XDAT (www.xdat.io) stands for ‘Exchange of Digital Assets with Trust’, a global cryptocurrency trading exchange that allows you to transact fiat-to-crypto-to-fiat (ie purchase cryptocurrencies with your fiat currency, or convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency) and also crypto-to-crypto. Based out of Malta, XDAT aims to redefine the global landscape of cryptocurrency trading by becoming a globally trusted brand that sets its policies and procedures in full compliance with the incumbent regulations of its jurisdiction. XDAT hosts bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ethereum classic, bitcoin cash, EOS, Ripple, Dash, TrueUSD, and Euro. XDAT offers the most frictionless onboarding out of any current top exchange, allowing users to deposit funds in EUR from across the entire SEPA region which includes a total of over 30 countries. XDAT is the brainchild of Prashanth Swaminathan, an investment banking veteran who spent over 10 years with Morgan Stanley London.

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Nilanjana Dey
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Media Contact:
Nilanjana Dey
[email protected]

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