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Feb 11, 2019 8:27 AM ET

Tradegate – Top 5 Executed Orders | Feb 11, 2019 8:27 GMT

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 11, 2019

The shares of Wirecard AG are heading the pack in current trading among all shares (as of 13:27:10 GMT) according to Tradegate. In total, 806,624 shares with 9,822 transacted orders were traded by midday. So far, stocks are selling for €101.00, with bids coming in at €100.90. The company’s share price climbed by 6.0% after close of trading yesterday. (Source:, a service of tradegate. Tradegate Exchange is Europe’s leading marketplace for private investors, major shareholder: Deutsche Börse Group.)

Leoni stocks achieved second place today among all shares on Tradegate. Trading up to midday saw 1,049 transacted orders with a trading volume of 197,909 company stocks. The current ask price is at €19.65, bidding is at €19.62. The corporation’s shares are down by -3.4% compared to its closing price on previous day’s trading.

On Tradegate Exchange, the stocks of Daimler AG came in at third place on today’s trading of all shares. By midday, 132,923 company stocks crossed the counter. In all, 1,039 orders were transacted. So far, shares are being sold for €48.09, while bids are at €48.085. The company suffered a loss of -0.6% from its level at previous day’s close of trading.

In fourth spot on Tradegate’s ranking of most traded shares is TUI AG. Trading up to midday saw 739 transacted orders with a total of 333,925 stocks. Stocks are currently selling for €10.95, while bids are at €10.945. The company’s share price saw a climb of 3.2% on yesterday’s close of trading.

The fifth most actively traded stocks among all shares on Tradegate are Commerzbank AG. In all, 450,170 stocks with 508 transacted orders changed hands by midday. Stocks are now selling for €6.362, bids are coming in at €6.361. The company’s share price climbed by 3.3% after close of trading yesterday.

(Updated Monday, 11 February 2019, 13:27:10 GMT.)


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