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Feb 11, 2019 9:45 AM ET

Datarisk Canada offers suite of cybersecurity self-assessments to facilitate data protection compliance, convenience and confidentiality

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 11, 2019

TORONTO,  — Canada’s cybersecurity landscape in 2019 is almost unrecognizable from previous years, with fresh new legislation that requires data breach notification to victims and regulatory bodies (DPA and PIPEDA), professional integrity and security in marketing (CASL) and adherence to global privacy standards (GDPR).

With financial and reputational impact on the line, Canadian companies seek to comply with industry standards and legislation in convenient, affordable ways. To meet the needs of Canada’s 98% of organizations that fall into the SME (small and medium-size) segment, Datarisk offers Verify SME Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Suite, a group of confidential online compliance preparation tools that cover standardized frameworks for:

Companies and professional associations seeking quarterly access ($199 quarterly) to these tools can email [email protected] to sign up.

About the Company:

Datarisk Canada is a security service provider with a 30-year pedigree in security and privacy providing consulting and IT security to a select audience of professional associations, Chambers and managed service providers (MSP). Professional associations can apply to bring membership benefits to their organizations with turnkey solutions such as Compliance Check-ups, Website Security Firewalls and Secure Domain Management from Cyberbenefits.ca. Register at www.Datarisk.ca or email [email protected]

Contact Information:

President, Datarisk Canada
1 Yonge St.#1801 Toronto, M5E1W7, Ontario, Canada

Media and interviews: [email protected]
Follow Datarisk on Twitter: @Datarisk or at
http://Facebook.Datarisk.ca and http://LinkedIN.Datarisk.ca

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