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Sep 14, 2018 5:44 PM ET

Medical Gas Equipment Market to Reach USD 6.20 billion with impressive 7.89% by 2022

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 14, 2018

According to Increasing research activities for development Crystal Market Research added Latest Research Report titled “Medical Gas Equipment Market” provides market standardization and key elements like Market size and growth rate.

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Regional Outlook 
Major regional sections of medicinal gas equipment incorporate Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and RoW. North America ruled the general therapeutic gas equipment market on the basis of income share in 2013. The existence of advanced healthcare framework, high volume of minimally invasive medical and execution of the United States Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act are a few elements ascribing to its substantial share. In 2013 Europe was the second most profit generating district of the medicinal gas equipment market. The existence of affiliations, for example, the European Industrial Gasses Association and Medical Gas Association combined with modern healthcare foundation in developed Western European nations are a few variables anticipated that would drive regional development.

Competitive Insights
Some of the major players in the market are The Linde Group, Allied Health Care, Air Liquide India Holding Pvt Ltd, Powerex, Medical Gas Solutions Ltd, Ohio Medical, Praxair, BeaconMedaes, Matheson Tri-Gas and Air Products & Chemicals. 
In 2013 the global market was dominated by Air Liquide. The existence of a broad product portfolio, lucrative adoption of development methodologies, for example, ALMA – 2015 and sales development accomplished by means of putting resources into rising Latin American, Eastern European and Asian economies and tapping on the accessible development openings are a few elements representing its market position.

Industry Trend Analysis
The Medical Gas Equipment Market was worth USD 2.90 billion in the year 2012 and is expected to reach approximately USD 6.20 billion by 2022, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.89% during the forecast period. Growing rates of respiratory issue combined with the advent of positive United States Food and Drug Administration directions is relied upon to drive medical gas equipment market request throughout the following years. Developing worldwide base of aged populace and expanding commonness of way of life propensities, for example, smoking and absence of physical activity are activating occurrence rates of respiratory issue. World Health Organization (WHO) distributed estimates recommend that the worldwide base of populace of the age group- 65 years or more is required to ascend from 7 percent of every 2000 to 16 percent out of 2050. Besides, developing interest for healthcare and point of care markets and the resulting presentation of medical devices that are portable are anticipated to support market demand. The global medical gas equipment market is anticipated to witness significant development in the following years.

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Market Segmentation- Medical Gas Equipment Market
By Product:
Cylinders and Accessories
Vacuum Systems/Pumps
Alarm Systems
Medical Air Compressors
Hose Assemblies and Valves

By Region
North America
Rest of Europe
South Korea
Rest of Asia Pacific
Rest of the World
South Africa
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Product Outlook and Trend Analysis
Fundamental market products incorporate alarm systems, flow meters, masks, hose assemblies & valves, cylinders, manifolds, vacuum system, regulators, medical air compressors and outlets. Medical gas vacuum systems ruled the medical gas equipment market on the basis of revenue in 2013 attributable to expanding utilization rates and higher costs related. Also, masks are distinguished as the most appealing section of the medical gas equipment market. Low costs of manufacturing related with these items combined with high utilization rates are two variables ascribing to its appeal. Regulators and medicinal gas outlets are additionally anticipated that would witness huge development over the estimate time frame.

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Major Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1. Report Description
1.2. Research Methodology
1.2.1. Secondary Research
1.2.2. Primary Research

Chapter 2. Executive Summary
2.1. Key Highlights

Chapter 3. Market Overview
3.1. Introduction
3.1.1. Market Definition
3.1.2. Market Segmentation
3.2. Market Dynamics
3.2.1. Drivers Increasing Geriatric Population Growing Demand for Point of Care Diagnostics and Home Healthcare Favorable regulatory Policies
3.2.2. Restraints Shortage of Helium
3.2.3. Opportunities Emerging Economies to Offer Lucrative Growth Opportunities
4. Medical Gas Equipment Market, By Product
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Medical Gas Equipment Market Assessment and Forecast, By Product, 2012-2022
4.3. Vacuum System
4.3.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.4. Alarm Systems
4.4.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.5. Manifold
4.5.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.6. Medical Air Compressors
4.6.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.7. Regulators
4.7.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.8. Cylinders and Accessories
4.8.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.9. Flowmeters
4.9.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.10. Outlets
4.10.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.11. Hose Assemblies and Valves
4.11.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)
4.12. Masks
4.12.1. Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2012-2022 ($Million)

List of Tables
Table 1.Global Medical Gas Equipment Market, By Product ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 2.Vacuum System Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 3.Alarm Systems Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 4.Manifolds Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 5.Medical Air Compressors Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 6.Regulators Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 7.Cylinders and Accessories Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022
Table 8.Flowmeters Market, By Region ($Million), 2012-2022

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