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Aug 10, 2018 6:55 AM ET

BPS Inc Not Disclosing Information

BPS Inc Not Disclosing Information

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 10, 2018

JUPITER, Fla., — Today, Big Picture Solutions, Inc, (BPS Inc) a custom integration company specializing in complex commercial and luxury residential projects, announced that they will not be disclosing any information to the public regarding their involvement in the case of the United States v. Paul Manafort.

Unfortunately, BPS was connected to the federal case held in Alexandria, Virginia. The company founder and COO, Joel Maxwell, was compelled to appear by subpoena to testify on behalf of the prosecution (on August 2, 2018). While this was an unexpected event, BPS is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients. BPS Inc is recognized and known to perform various Audio Visual projects throughout the United States on behalf of many high-profile clients who wish to retain their privacy.

In response to recent recurring requests from various news outlets, BPS Inc CEO, Elisabeth Maxwell, said, “We do not comment on, or discuss, client names or project details, privately or publicly. This has served us well over the last 14 years, as we have built our business on word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. They value their privacy and we value the opportunity to serve them.” We do everything possible to ensure our clients’ privacy. Exceptions to the company’s disclosure policy are only made upon agreement by BPS and the client for industry awards and specific marketing purposes. Big Picture Solutions, Inc (BPS Inc), like every other corporation/business, is required to comply with State and Federal laws, such as when a subpoena is issued, as was the case in the Manafort prosecution.

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