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Mar 8, 2017 12:33 PM ET

PIVOT: 'Follow Me' Camera Mount & Wearable Tracker - Auto-tracking technology captures amazingly smooth panning action shots on any camera or smartphone

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 8, 2017
PIVOT: ‘Follow Me’ Camera Mount & Wearable Tracker
Auto-tracking technology captures amazingly smooth panning action shots on any camera or smartphone.

Pivot Follow-Me Camera System

Simply attach any camera, smartphone or GoPro, wear the tracker & press record.


Carefully engineered to be the most affordable follow-me camera mount ever:

  • SELF-TRACKING – Sync the wearable device and the PIVOT patented tracking technology will follow you automatically.
  • SAVE AND SHARE – Use the app to record highlights, share your footage online, stream live video, and save your favorites to the cloud.
  • RECORD ANYWHERE – Long range 2.4GHZ wireless communication tracks at distances of up to 600 feet and is capable of tracking anywhere in the world.



Pivot Cam uses nearly any camera you currently own, simply mount and press record:



At 3.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches tall, the PIVOT is compact enough to easily fit into a backpack or water bottle holder, but is powerful enough to move cameras as large as 1.2 pounds. 



Advanced wireless tech and GPS tracking keeps target in frame, panning and tilting smoothly.


PIVOT’s high-speed brushless motors are both quiet and efficient, capable of 90 degrees of panning per second.


The Pan & Tilt mount is compatible with nearly any camera, thanks to a versatile press-fit mounting system. You can use it with your Go-Pro, smartphones, hand held video cameras and more.


The PIVOT Wearable Target is small and discrete, easily clipped onto your clothing or worn as an armband.

Thanks to long range 2.4GHZ wireless communication, the PIVOT Pan & Tilt Mount can track the Target at distances of up to 600 feet.



Stream live video, record clips, manually control pan & tilt and more from the PIVOT app interface.

  • Live Streaming – Broadcast in real-time directly from the PIVOT app on platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube using nearly any WiFi enabled camera, GoPro or smartphone.
  • Highlight Clips – Capture your clips then use the PIVOT app to edit, crop and save 30, 60, 90, or 120 second highlights to share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Cloud Storage – Upload your videos to store directly to the cloud so you never run out of memory while using PIVOT.



Whether you’re hitting the trails, going to the big game, or around the house, PIVOT is ready.


At 3.5″ in diameter and 5.5″ high, PIVOT is the size of 20 oz water bottle.​

The smooth, sleek design allows it to easily slide into bags, backpacks and other carry cases. PIVOT Cam weighs under 4 pounds or about the weight of a medium sized laptop computer.

It also comes with a tilt lock, to keep the tilt motor safe during transport.


PIVOT Cam provides the ability to optimize performance in both outdoor and indoor operation.

The mount is IP54 dust and water resistant and the wearable tracker is rated at IP55.

Since GPS data is typically not available inside buildings, alternative techniques are deployed to maximize tracking performance indoors and the app provides an interface for setting up indoor tracking parameters but is limited by visual line-of-sight.



PIVOT Cam utilizes high density, rechargeable lithium batteries to power the pan and tilt mount and the wearable tracker so it will last the whole game.

The pan/tilt battery is removable and can be charged internally via the USB connector or externally via the supplied charger. The pan/tilt mount battery is rated at 4 hours of operation. The wearable battery is rated at 8 hours operation and can be recharged via the micro USB connector.





PIVOT is perfect for catching that awesome trick you’ve been working on all week, or making your own skate videos around your city



Want to record the game without having to stare at a tiny screen the whole time? PIVOT has your back. You can also use the PIVOT system as a teaching and training tool, to review past performances and prepare for playoffs and beyond.



Want to capture your child’s first steps, first words, or first bike ride, but don’t want to miss the moment yourself? Set up the PIVOT system and rest easy knowing it will capture life’s precious moments, worry free.


Budding YouTube sensations and internet celebrities can both benefit from PIVOT’s Follow-Me Camera System. It’s perfect for getting quality, well framed shots and streaming live video.





Mount: 3.5″ diameter cylinder, 5.5″ height.
WearableTarget: 1″ width, 1.5″ length, 0.3″ height device, plus 1″ wide 0.125″ height strap, 8″ long.


Mount: 4lb.
Wearable Target: 4oz.

Angular rates:

Mount: angular velocity for pan motion ~90 degrees/s, continuous panning, tilt motion ~15degrees/s,
+/- 25degrees.
Wearable Target: NA


Mount: metal and plastic housing, enclosing 2 DC brushed motors, 2 PCBs, 2 1.5AH LiPo cell batteries,
Wearable Target: plastic housing enclosing enclosing 1 PCB, 1 0.5AH LiPo cell battery.

Battery life:

Mount: 4 hr
Wearable Target: 8 hr


Mount: 2.4 GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi and 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 ZigBee
Wearable Target: 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 ZigBee




0/+55 C operating, -40/+85 storage, Wearable Target IPX4


1/4 20 nut on bottom of PIVOT Mount, custom clamp on top with adapters for cell phone, GoPro, 1/4

Max camera weight:

Android and IOS APP:

System control and monitoring, video streaming






One day, I was talking to a friend and co-worker about our latest GoPro videos. I used my GoPro while skiing and paddle boarding. He used it for surfing and mountain biking. He said to me “wouldn’t it be cool if the GoPro could actually record us in our videos”.

My friend shared his story after he received a new GoPro as a birthday gift from his wife. “As much as I enjoyed recording mountain bike video captured in first person, I really wanted a video that showed me on the bike and in action. So I set up the GoPro on a tripod at my favorite bike jump. I recorded myself making the jump several times. However, after each jump I needed to readjust the camera position because I was often out of the frame. After many jumps and many recorded segments of video I had to edit and stitch the videos together. All in all it took several hours to produce a ten second video.”
We both realized there had to be a better way.

Let’s face it, action sports cameras are designed to capture the action as you see it – often a blur of high-speed scenery. But they don’t get you in the action. And what if you’re not the sports hero, but the sports spectator. You just can’t enjoy watching the game if you’re viewing it on a 3-inch video camera screen following the player moving up & down the field. That’s when it hit us! What if we could create a product that automatically follows you and always keeps you in the video. This is when PIVOT was born.

PIVOT uses your GoPro, Smartphone or Camcorder and makes it possible to capture more of you in your action sports videos and less of that blurry, unframed scenery. To capture your child’s best moments on the field without missing the action yourself. To take your video selfies to the next level.
PIVOT, your very own personal cameraman.

Frank DeMartin
PIVOT Founder



Can I use my GoPro Hero 4 with PIVOT?
Yes. Hero 4 can be mounted directly to PIVOT. The PIVOT app will connect to the Hero 4 in order to stream live video to your smart phone. In addition, the app will be able to start and stop recording on the Hero 4.

Is the PIVOT wearable device waterproof?
The PIVOT wearable is designed to be dust resistant and water spray proof per international standard IP55. The company will be developing a waterproof clear case for the wearable device. The PIVOT main unit is designed to be dust resistant and splash proof per international standard IP54. 

How do I attach my smart phone to PIVOT?
An adapter is provided with PIVOT that converts the versatile PIVOT pressure fit mount to the universal ¼ 20 mount most commonly found in camera products. A smart phone selfie mount will then screw directly into the ¼ 20 connector allowing you to mount your iphone and other popular smart phones. Smart phone selfie mounts are available at many electronics retailers. If PIVOT achieves our first level stretch goal, all supporters will receive a free smart phone selfie mount.

Is the PIVOT battery rechargeable? How long can PIVOT operate before recharging?
Both the PIVOT main unit and the PIVOT wearable device use a rechargeable battery. In addition, the PIVOT main unit battery is removable and can be charged independently with the supplied wall charger. Under typical conditions the PIVOT main unit will operate for up to 4 hours on a single charge. The PIVOT wearable device battery is not removable and will operate under typical conditions for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

What cameras will PIVOT support?
PIVOT is designed to support most any camera that weighs 500 grams or less. The PIVOT app will support iOS (v8.0 and above) and Android (v4.4 and above) smartphone cameras as well as GoPro Hero 4 and 5 and Wi-Fi enabled camcorders from Sony and Panasonic.

Does PIVOT rotate a full 360 degrees?
Yes, PIVOT will rotate 360 degrees and more. PIVOT has been designed to rotate continuously while panning in either direction.

Can PIVOT firmware be updated?
Yes. PIVOT firmware can be updated over the air (OTA). PIVOT plans to add new features and develop software bug fixes for the PIVOT system over the life of the product.

What does the PIVOT app do?
The PIVOT app connects your smartphone to PIVOT and your camera via WiFi. The PIVOT app is used to set up the PIVOT ‘follow me’ session. The PIVOT app also streams video from your camera to your smartphone, allows you to grab/crop video clips and share them instantly via social media. And lastly the PIVOT app allows you to remotely control the PIVOT Mount to manually follow a subject.

If I mount a Samsung or other Android camera phone to PIVOT, can the PIVOT app on my iphone connect to it?
Yes. Regardless of whether the smartphone mounted to PIVOT is Android or iOS, and regardless of whether the smartphone running the PIVOT app is Android or iOS, the PIVOT app will be able to connect both devices.

Can I share video or photos from my camera on Facebook?
Yes. You can grab video clips and photos from your camera in the PIVOT app then you can share them on Facebook conveniently from the PIVOT app.

How do I attach the PIVOT wearable device?
The PIVOT wearable is designed with a spring-loaded clip which allows it to be attached to clothing. PIVOT also includes a flexible, Velcro arm band for the wearable device.

Can a single PIVOT follow multiple wearable devices? Can one wearable device be followed by multiple PIVOT units?
Both functions are possible with PIVOT. This feature requires additional software development which may not be available at time of PIVOT introduction. The feature is planned to be added in future firmware updates.

What is the maximum distance that PIVOT can follow the PIVOT wearable device?
PIVOT can follow the PIVOT wearable at a range of up to 600 feet. That is the equivalent length of two football fields.

Do I need to buy a dedicated camera to use with PIVOT?
No. You do not need to purchase a dedicated camera to use the PIVOT follow me camera system. You can use your existing camera in most cases.

What is the PIVOT Warranty?
PIVOT offers a one (1) year limited warranty covering parts and labor due to manufacturing defects. PIVOT will perform thorough production testing and final inspection to assure you receive a high quality product. PIVOT will provide in-field firmware updates to correct software issues as needed.

How much is shipping and handling?
Shipping and handling will be FREE in the Domestic United States (including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska). International shipping and handling will cost the following amounts:

Single perk: $40 to Canada, $50 to UK and EU, $60 to Australia and Japan, and $75 to the rest of the world.

Double perk: $50 to Canada, $70 to UK and EU, $95 to Australia and Japan, and $120 to the rest of the world.


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