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Feb 10, 2017 1:40 PM ET

AVANT Secure PC offers world’s first hardware-only secure PC

AVANT Secure PC offers world’s first hardware-only secure PC

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 10, 2017

AVANT Secure PC offers world’s first hardware-only secure PC with no anti-virus software needed to combat the growing threat of computer hacking

While anti-virus software has been around for years, with varying levels of success, alternative and improved approaches to computer security have been surprisingly slow to emerge.


However, AVANT Secure PC, with the launch of its funding campaign on Indiegogo February 28th 2017, changes this radically as it now becomes the first secure PC manufacturer. Rather than relying on software and updates, AVANT meets the growing worldwide virus threat at the hardware level, allowing purchasers to take back power over their computer’s performance without start-up times slowing gradually over years of use.


The new technology is straightforward. When the 2048-bit authentication key is inserted into the device, any operating system and program file changes can still be made. However, when it’s not inserted, no permanent changes can be made to the computer. Therefore, it’s the same computer each time the machine is restarted.



AVANT Secure PC technology was originally developed and marketed only to the government to protect critical infrastructure. While the product is suited for the country’s electrical grid, banks, educational institutions, medical facilities and government offices, it’s now also available to general consumers, too, who are in need of security.


“For the past two years, AVANT Secure PC has teamed up with many cyber and computer engineering experts to create the ultimate anti-malware system that utilizes a hardware-only approach,” says Bobby Land, AVANT’s co-founder and president. “We are excited to offer a first-of-its-kind, game-changing computer that completely hinders cyber-attacks.”


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