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Jun 28, 2016 8:00 AM ET

PipelineVR - The First B2B Online Marketplace for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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The First B2B Online Marketplace for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Irvine, CA
Professional Services





We do this by matching buyers and sellers of professional VR/AR products and services, and facilitating transactions. 




Facebook’s $2B acquisition of OculusVR in 2014 was a watershed moment, but just the beginning. Since then, the number of venture capital deals and dollars invested in the space have more than tripled.



Multiple industries are beginning to realize VR/AR’s incredible potential; however, key roadblocks still stand in the way of market growth and scalability.




1. As venture capital dollars fund new companies and product innovation, a significant fragmentation is beginning to form.

2. Despite gaming and entertainment’s dominance, commercial and industrial applications are entering the market, desperate to learn more and adapt VR/AR in their businesses.

3. Marketplaces are all about liquidity. With a widening knowledge gap, and no easy way to connect buyers and sellers, the market can’t grow. 


All problems that we solve!




PipelineVR is a super easy pay-per-quote platform that helps buyers connect to the right sellers for whatever project they’re trying to accomplish.

It’s free to the buyer and the sellers only pay on the projects that interest them. We don’t charge a subscription fee or take any commissions. 




1. From the PipelineVR homepage or mobile app, Buyers lay out the product or service they are looking to hire and transact. 

2. The platform matches the project request against our deep list of sellers and sends out alerts to the most qualified candidates. 

3. The seller’s inbox or app will be full of potential customers. After they review the details of the project they have 24 hours to decide. if they are interested in sending a quote. When they submit a quote, they are automatically charged a $25 upfront fee. 

4. At this point, the Buyer will have access to seller’s full profile, reviews, and contact information. 

We guarantee Buyers will receive between 3-5 quotes and introductions.




There is no question that this is a vast, untapped market; but, don’t take our word for it. Goldman Sachs predicts VR’s annual revenue will be bigger than TV within 10 years. $110B compared to TV’s $99B.





Our moat is in our community and the detailed data we capture. 

There’s no marketplace that serves this specific vertical. The more data we process, the smarter the match, and the bigger the barrier to entry for competitors.




In the future we will keep users engaged and coming back with end-to-end tools and services that will incorporate the full customer lifecycle. Examples: custom reporting, CRM systems, scheduling and transaction facilitation.




We believe we have developed the most efficient and scalable model to aggregate and accelerate the vast market potential of VR/AR. 

Our success is inevitable. Through consistency, reliability, trust and safety, we will turn PipelineVR into a multi-national brand. 




We would, of course, love you to join us and invest in the future of virtual reality and augmented reality!






Matthew Papish


Briggs Porter


Bart Porter





Offering Terms

Crowdfunded Securities Offering:

$200,000 minimum capital raise, the equivalent of 500,000 shares

$1,000,000 maximum capital raised/oversubscription amount, the equivalent of 2,500,000 shares, allocated on a first-come first-served basis

Stock is being offered at a $0.40 price per share.

Minimum single shareholder Investment: $100.00

Maximum single shareholder Investment: $20,000.00

We are issuing non-voting common stock.

Right to receive liquidation distributions.

We are allowing non-US investors.

The closing date for this offering is November 15, 2016. If the sum of investment does not reach the target offering amount at this deadline, no securities will be sold in the offering, investment commitments will be cancelled, and committed funds will be returned.




  • Title III Offering

Goldman Sachs reports that, within 10 years, Virtual Reality will generate more revenue than television. Our mission is to accelerate the success of the immersive technology industries worldwide. We do this by matching buyers and sellers of professional VR/AR products and services, and facilitating transactions.




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