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May 27, 2016 8:15 AM ET

CHealth - Answer to Cancer: A mobile app facilitating the connection between people that have survived tough diseases, patients and caregivers

CHealth - Answer to Cancer: A mobile app facilitating the connection between people that have survived tough diseases, patients and caregivers

iCrowd Newswire - May 27, 2016

CHealth – Answer to Cancer



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Elevator pitch

Fighting a chronic disease is a tough journey. However, each journey can become easier with a companion. CHealth is a mobile app facilitating the connection between people that have survived tough diseases, patients and caregivers. The user also gets adequate information freshly tailored from authentic sources. The app will start focusing on 3-5 types of critical cancer first. Later on, we will expand it to ALL Cancer and other Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). CHealth is the Community Health platform of Tomorrow!

Investor proposal

To get momentum in our campaign, early investors will receive 10 percent reduction in share price (until reaching 20%). The offer means that an investor will receive more shares than indicated, for the same amount invested.
Through patient testing, CHealth has a proved concept that we want to scale. We need ambassadors and your support to help cure cancer globally.
Serving 1Million patients within the first 5 years, CHealth’s value would exceed €30M. All revenue will be reinvested in learning progress(AI) and improvements. The valuation would be around €5 Billions in 10 years, based on the first announced profit.


The problem this product solves

Today, patients are concerned about diseases and how these diseases can impact their future.
As a result, many unanswered questions constantly follow these people .
Through discussions with patients CHealth found similarities;
  • Patients need concise information from verified sources
  • Patients need empathy from someone who has experienced the same journey who could hear and understand
Cancer patients are looking for
  • better treatment options
  • new hope from next research
  • and willing to join trials when there was no other option left.
CHealth successfully updates the existing and out dated communication options and improves support within healthcare systems.

How the product solves it

By working in the pharmaceutical sector and reading about mobile technologies entering healthcare, we saw the possibility of building a community by connecting patients and professionals.
At CHealth, we made some early prototypes and asked people to try the online platform and chat with patients experiencing the same problems.
The testimonials say that these people liked the feeling of talking to other people in the same situation and that they would definitely use it in the future.
Nurses focused on cancer treatments told us that this system can improve their daily work and also help patients and families.


Product features

There are many local support organizations today and a lot of information that can be gathered online through different blogs and forums. However, these have limitations:
  • Support is not available 24/7
  • Lack of information on rare cancer types in specific locations
  • Scientific data are accurate, but complicated for non-scientis audience
  • Sorting information is hard due to the massive supply
  • Not all information is trustworthy
  • A lot of information is outdated
  • Time is limited
Our mobile app can be available anytime, everywhere and follow these needs on the righttime.

Product use cases

The app is customized so that each patient can use the app in a way that suits their needs.
  • Tailored data means just enough knowledge each time for each user.
Instead of communicating in the classic way with one or two individuals in health systems, the users will be offered a cycle of health that includes, not only nurses and doctors, but researchers, rehab and more professionals on demand as well.
Users can contact other individuals 24/7 to discuss their worries and get personal peer-to-peersupport.
The app can also be used by care-givers, kids in the family and parents.


Target Market

Individual Users:
  • Patients under cancer treatment
  • 2-5 others users as care givers or family.
Sweden: 60,000 diagnoses/year .
Treatment & Rehabilitation takes 3-5 years (average).
Sweden TAM: 60,000 Patients
2016: 100 testing
2017: 10,000 patients & up to 50,000 users
Germany (TAM 500,000) Britain (TAM 350,000)
2018: 50,000 patients & 300,000 users
2019: 200K patients & 1,000,000+ users
Global estimation:
2020 diagnoses: more than 18,000,000 patients
Industry Customers
HealthCare Market – Cancer Costs

Competitive landscape

Mobile Apps:
More analysis of Market & Competitors (Major Players) available in Business Plan.
It’s important that everyone competes against cancer.
To serve our customers best, we choose to compete only with our yesterday, last week and previous months.
We always strive for excellence & give more than we take. We believe that our company culture will make people feel included in our company and we hope that many will join and collaborate with us.

Unique differentiator from competitors

We differentiate by having:
  • A mobile app which is always available: designing a platform for tomorrow to nurture all possibilities like 24/7 accessibility (notifications), measuring sensors (IoTs included) to improve communication and ease of use.   
  • Making a verified community where people can learn, share and be updated about new information. CHealth platform will cover many aspects of these processes to become Cancer Companion
  • Authentic information from research resources and health professionals (we collaborate with researchers and healthcare systems from day one.)

Business Model

Company revenue streams

Long-term plan (starting the 3rd year):
Marketing/R&D partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare organizations. In return for their knowledge gain they will support us financially by paying for analysis reports(starting from €100,000).
Mid-term revenue based financial demand:
  • Placing productive advertisement and marketing promotion on mobile for related healthcare institutes & clinics.
  • Confidential negotiations with 3 brands for logo sponsorship in each market is ongoing.
  • If needed; Affordable user (non-patient) subscriptions – only to cover costs between the 1-3 year. (1000 SEK /year – less than the cost of one coffee per week)

Product/service distribution

Through our collaboration partners in healthcare systems, CHealth will offer a platform to new patients via FREE registrations:
  • Registered to the app by their nurse (contact nurse / planner).
  • Support will be provided by researchers and specialized nurses.
  • Knowledge and Fresh research from Cancer Research Centre (RCC)
  • Survivors will be invited to help others by RCC
Therefore we can focus on negotiations with our business customers in person and make expansion to other countries and growth faster.


Previous milestones/traction

  • June-July 2014: The first draft of the idea shaped with help of Start-up Sthlm 
  • Idérådet (SLL) approved CHealth as one of the potential startups to solve shortcomings with cancer.
  • RCC final meeting with the conclusion to run the pilot test on 100+ patients around Sweden.
  • Finalizing the app features and early UX testings with focus groups
  • Shaping the tech teams in Tehran (back-end) & India (front-end)
  • Advisory Board
  • Pharmaceuticals Negotiations 3+1 BigPharma
  • Non-Pharma Sponsors for Pilot

Next key objectives

Since we have gotten a green light from SLL & RCC for early pilot tests on 100 patients around Sweden, the first goal is to focus on the beta version prototype:
  • User Experience (UX) with focus on needs of these patients
  • User Interface Design Development of the app based on the current needs of all different customers we have (already prepared needs design improvements)
  • Early testing with patients in Sweden by the end of 2016
  • Improvements based on feedback to launch the first public version in Sweden (2017).
  • EU expansion (2019)

Previous Financing

The project has been privately financed by entrepreneurs without external funding or bank loans.
As we are super excited to have YOU as investors, so we have some surprises through the time
  • Late-May 2016: a tiny thank you Reward for our investors
  • Christmas 2017: We are planning a ‘Global Awareness Campaign’ and You will be among the very first to see that.
  • Sometime During 2017: (Secret Surprise)


Healthcare Collaboration through SLL
  1. User registration and approaching patients in collaboration with healthcare to offer services to newly diagnosed patients.
  2. Easier trust building 
  3. Users will have access to health professionals
  4. Insider information while being part of a health system (Unfair Advantage)
Cancer Research Partnership (RCC) 
  1. Reach all current survivors to support patients in the same situation
  2. RCC owns all the fresh cancer research in Sweden, giving information to the right audience through CHealth platform. (Unique Value)
  3. Users can reach researchers, who can be in touch with patients if needed.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

CHealth has the honour of having Daniel, FundedByMe’s Co-Founder, as the first Investor; as you may see on Milestones INFOGRAPHICs he got interested in the cause we follow in Nov 2015. We are grateful for his trust on us.



 Atosa Kiai avatar small

Atosa Kiai
Atosa and Siamak started with the idea in 2014 and with initial support from Start-Up Stockholm it became a more serious project everyday. Atosa is currently studying Market Communication and Information Technology at Stockholm University. She focuses in on the intersection of technology and usable design. Her understanding of user is the key to make the app user-friendly and simple
Siamak kh Milani avatar small
Siamak kh Milani
Idea Developer, Co-founder (iCEO)
MBA graduated with 3+ years of experience as Int. Business Development Manager in pharmaceutical industry where the idea came through by talking directly with patients. Perfectionist, goal-oriented, hardworking personality with extra passion for knowledge about media and technology to make the idea work.
Hamed Hakimian avatar small
Hamed Hakimian
Business Developer
With expertise in Sales and business development, he joined the team in 2015 and works on our expansion into second market in Germany. His calmness and though-trough way of looking at challenges is a plus to look at each challenge as a opportunity to benefit from.
Moreno Nourizadeh avatar small
Moreno Nourizadeh
Creative Director
All the creativity and user experience design will be backed by his long time expertise on design. He is the type of the guy who sits behind the computer to bring design elements into the creation of each screen user can touch on the final app.
Mohsen Khezli avatar small
Mohsen Khezli
Programming Team Manager
Educated in India and currently managing the back-end developer team in Iran, he has access to lots of developers in both countries. Beside his knowledge and 10+ years of experience in IT, he is the best person in dealing with human conflicts. Therefore besides Tech issues he can go through, during conflict in the team he can find a way to bring back mutual understanding between tech and business parts in minutes. (This is a real challenge in Tech Companies, these two are like Mars &
Vishal Jain avatar small
Vishal Jain
Team Manager – India
He has been in this business for more than 10 years and has been collaborating with Moreno for more than 8 years so he has a good understanding of Swedish high demands for front-end design. We have created a mutual understanding within 2 cultures so time can be saved and results can be reached way faster than early days.

Use of Funds

We have already negotiated with all partners, now pre-studies are all ready.
We are seeking this investment to secure our costs for the first 18 months, it allows the team to focus on the project full time. Therefore, soon we can offer our services to patients in need, for free.
The investments will go towards:
  • App development
  • Testing with patients
  • Improvement of the database
  • Public launch in Sweden
  • Accelerate EU expansion
Contact: Siamak Milani – Co-Founder & CEO
+46 727255557 | [email protected]
Join CHealth Journey today!
  • Price per Share: €0,48 (ca. 4,50 SEK)
  • B-Shares Offered: 489,796
  • Issue Amount: €240,000

Contact Information:

Atosa Kiai

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