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May 18, 2016 8:11 AM ET

Spirits of the North - ROUTA Distillery is launching the awesomeness of Finnish Moonshine to an unsuspecting global audience: Carrying on the tradition and work of the most famous Finnish moonshine distillery, Kiteen Pontikka.

iCrowd Newswire - May 18, 2016

Spirits of the North – ROUTA Distillery





Routa Distillery is launching the awesomeness of Finnish Moonshine to an unsuspecting global audience.



Routa Distillery is a Finnish distillery carrying on the tradition and work of the most famous Finnish moonshine distillery, Kiteen Pontikka. Routa aims to revitalise the classic moonshine for the Finnish market and also launch the awesomeness of Finnish Moonshine to an unsuspecting global audience.






Building on a strong heritage

The story or Routa Distillery begins with the 2014 retirement announcement of Aate Laukkanen, the grand old man of Finnish moonshine, founder and owner of Kiteen Pontikka. Suddenly The future of Finnish Moonshine was in jeopardy.

A worried group of Finnish enthusiasts and experts in various fields decide that something needs to be done. The legacy of Finnish moonshine needs to be preserved and developed. A core team is quickly assembled including the driving forces behind the global crowd-funded movie phenomenon Iron Sky, the most known moonshine salesman in Finland, marketing & event gurus who have worked with global brands such as Nokia and an art director / graphic designer whose work has been used by Burton snowboards and numerous skateboard- and surf-brands around the world.

Routa Distillery is formed and plans are set it motion to buy Kiteen Pontikka and continue and expand its operations both in Finland and globally.








ntroducing a crowd-owned distillery

From the start it was clear that a modern distillery needs a modern structure and a fresh new way of running the business. That’s why Routa is among the first crowd-owned distilleries in Finland and one of the only ones in the world.

We at Routa believe in the power of ideas and recognise that ideas can come from anywhere. So the more ideas and people creating ideas for us the better. The more passionate owners we have who can “poke the box” and help improve every aspect of what we do the stronger we are.

That’s why we want you onboard. To help us build a global success story based on a strong tradition dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.

As a Routa Distillery owner you can actively take part in the development of the company, our brands and our products via the Routa owner community. The community is an open platform where all aspects of our business are discussed and developed openly. New product ideas are tested, branding of new products can be commented on and new marketing schemes are being developed – together with our owners from around the world.

In essence each owner can truly affect the success of Routa and through that the profitability of their investment. In addition to this each owner will of course be entitled to dividends and various other owner benefits listed later in this pitch.

The Brands, The Plan

The first step on the Routa journey is to revamp and relaunch Finland’s most iconic and known moonshine brand and take back a top spot in the the Finnish hard liquer market.

Next we will take this classic Finnish brand to a global market and in addition develop more products for various audiences around the globe the first being a brand new Moonshine brand inspired by the crowd-funded global hit movie Iron Sky and it’s sequel Iron Sky: The Coming Race launching in 2017.

In addition, the milder alcoholic beverages are part of the company’s product development strategy while not excluding non-alcoholic products. We also have active collaboration with Finnish breweries, vineyards and other companies producing alcoholic products.

This is just a start and as an owner you will be a part of the team developing, working on and helping us create these and other new products.


Our Target

Routa Distillery aims to create long-lasting and timely alcoholic beverage brands targeted to both domestic and international markets.

In Finland, the objective is to get 1-3 of our products to be among the ten most sold products in their own product category and one to be among the top five. Additionally, the aim is to develop an international beverage brand, that will be the most successful and sold Finnish alcoholic beverage export of all time.

Our Values

Routa Distillery has a strong foundation in the values of the Finnish people – honesty, hard work and respect for nature.

We will use Finnish labour whenever possible, use local pure ingredients from Finland and ensure the most ecological methods possible are used in every step of the production, packaging, distribution, sales and marketing of Routa products.





Equity offering

Company name Routa Distillery Oy
Investment range 252.000 – 450.000 €
Equity offered 6.25 – 10.64 %
Price per share 180,00 €
Number of existing shares 21,000
Pre-money valuation 3.780.000,00 €
Start date 17.2.2016
End date 31.5.2016 23:59
Location Savonlinna, Finland
Field of business Other
Development stage Seed
Reference number 573



How can I participate?


In addition to investing in the company, there are various ways that you can help the entrepreneurs out.

Perhaps you know some key people that you could introduce the entrepreneurs to, or maybe you have advice that is relevant to the company’s business.

Just telling a friend, or sharing the pitch on social media is a big help.

You have the power to help make the dreams of these entrepreneurs come true and to support Northern European growth entrepreneurship.

A little help can go a long way. So think outside the box, and think of how you can support this important cause!





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