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Apr 19, 2016 4:03 PM ET

Teagini - Nature's miracle, Our gift to you: Our core product is the delicious Shui Xian Oolong tea with amazing health and other benefits

Teagini - Nature's miracle, Our gift to you: Our core product is the delicious Shui Xian Oolong tea with amazing health and other benefits

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 19, 2016

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Nature’s miracle, Our gift to you.


We are raising money in order to start our business of selling healthy beverages to the American public. Our core product is the delicious Shui Xian Oolong tea with amazing health and other benefits. Our product is bound to change the way people see tea and create some awareness for the numerous health benefits.

Who are you?

My name is XingXing Chen, and I am a graduate student at the University of Bridgeport studying Marketing. I am from China and I know first hand the amazing health benefits of my families time honored and award winning Shui Hsien. Our company name is Teagini, because we believe that with our tea we will be able to grant to all the drinkers, three wishes, which they all would LOVE. The wishes

1. Good Health

2. Long-Life

3. Happiness

When I came to the USA, I noticed that there are a lot of unhealthy beverages out there, like coffee, soda and others. Most companies that sell tea always put so much sugar in it, so much so that the actual benefits of that tea is compromised. Other teas are mass produced and so the quality and integrity of the tea is compromised. Despite all this I noticed that most people didn’t care, they just bought these beverages, because they were accessible and they tasted sweet.

With this in mind, I thought of my family’s tea gardens in china, where a rare and delicious Shui Hsien Oolong tea is grown. We have been growing tea for many generations now and our’s is famous in China for having amazing health benefits. It tastes really good and serves so many health purposes that I had to share this with the American public. This business is my way of sharing this with the world in an effort to make the world, a healthier and better place to live in.

With the money from this fundraiser, I will order my first batch of inventory and finance some preliminary marketing for our company.

Below is a list of all the AMAZING HEATH BENEFITS OF OUR TEA.


  1. Fat Burner, through increased metabolism:
    Shui Xian oolong tea stands out for having more polymerized polyphenols than the other types of tea. This means that your level of energy expenditure increases, allowing you to burn fat faster and build muscle at the same time.
  2. Healthy and perfect Skin
    Shui Xian Tea fights free radicals, which are have the ability to cause dangerous illnesses. The antioxidants in Shui Xian tea fights this free radicals especially in the areas of damaging cells. This promotes healthier skin by slowing down the aging process of skins cells thereby avoiding wrinkles and skin spots.
  3. Promotes heart health:
    Drinking Shui Xian oolong tea to help avoid and fight cardiovascular diseases. Powerful antioxidants in tea lower blood pressure; reduce cholesterol and sugar levels, thus strengthening your heart and boosting your immune system.
  4. The energy of Coffee, without the crash :
    Shui Xian tea as a coffee substitute will give you that energetic push you need, but it will stay in your metabolism for 6-8 hours. You will feel fine during the day, sharp and relaxed at the same time.
  5. Fights and prevents cancer:
    Another one of the Shui Xian tea benefits include reducing the growth of cancer cells. Tea, taken on a daily basis, is a strong ally in the battle against cancer.
    Its powerful antioxidants fight off free radicals, which harm DNA and are responsible for the growth of tumors. Antioxidants strengthen your immune system against any possible viruses and bacteria.
  6. Healthy Teeth:
    Shui Xian Oolong tea has the amazing benefit of reducing plaque, dental decay and bad breath due to its antibacterial properties.
    By alkalizing the mouth and stomach, this tea eliminates the bacteria responsible for producing foul odors in the breath.
  7. Improves Digestion:
    High Mountain Oolong assists digestion by neutralizing excess acidity and preventing fermentation and putrefaction in the stomach. It also breaks down fat molecules into smaller particles, making them much easier to digest.
  8. Improves Brain Power.
    The result showed that amino acid called L-theanine which were found in tea may bring alertness and focus in our mind. It may help increase our focus while reduce tiredness.
  9. Lower Blood Sugar levels
    According to a study conducted by Taiwan researchers, people who drank one-and-a-half quarts of oolong tea daily for a month had a significant drop in their blood sugar levels. The result showed that polyphenols found in oolong tea assists to lower blood sugar level
  10. Prolonging Life:
    Recent studies found that oolong tea has anti-aging properties:
  11. Diuretic:
    The tea’s mild diuretic properties promote swift elimination of the toxins and acid wastes flushed from the blood and tissues by the antioxidant and alkaline elements in the tea.
  12. Detoxifying:
    Drinking this tea daily produces a continuous detoxifying effect throughout the body, facilitating the elimination of metabolic wastes and toxic residues assimilated from food, air, and water.
  13. Nutrients:
    High Mountain Oolong contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as essential minerals and trace elements. These nutritional factors all have potent antioxidant and healing properties, providing additional support for detox and immune responses and increasing the health benefits of the tea.

Where will the money go?

If we meet our minimum target will be able to purchase new and more convent packaging for our tea, making it easy to prepare and to drink.

If we reach our full target we will re-package our products, focus on ordering our first batch of inventory as well as fully market our product.

Help us succeed!

Thank you so much for reading our proposal, please Donate and share this link with your friends so that they could donate as well to this AMAZING business Idea.

Contact Information:

XingXing (Cindy) Cheng

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