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iCrowdNewswire Mar 29, 2016 3:22 PM ET

Aquaflor - cosmetic and nutraceutical products from algae, a superior alternative to fish oil, free from toxins and it is sustainable

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 29, 2016

Aquaflor – health products from algae

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Elevator pitch

Aquaflor Industries AS intends to establish a sustainable business that delivers mutual health products from farmed algae. Our cosmetic and nutraceutical products use natural bioactive substances to counteract skin aging, repair cells and renew energy.

Investor proposal

We forecast moderate growth first 3 years. When the market for our products matures in 2019 and 2020, we predict an escalating turnover increasing to approximately € 5.5 mill in 2019. For investors there will be a good chance to achieve a healthy return on investment in three years (800 – 1000%). We plan for listing of the shares on Oslo stock exchange for smaller companies 6 – 12 month from now, and exit by project or trade sell by 2020.


The problem this product solves

The problem today is that there is not enough fish oil for food, food supplements, drugs and animal feed. We will reach peak fish oil levels in 2017, due to overfishing. Algae is a superior alternative to fish oil, free from toxins and it is sustainable. It is an amazing, almost unexploited resource.

How the product solves it

Aquaflor already markets cosmetic and nutraceutical products produced by our partner, IGV GmbH, in Berlin. We intend to expand sales, and ultimately produce our own micro-algae in Norway.


Product features

We produce unique food products and health supplements. Algae grown in closed systems are free from environmental toxins and packed with healthy nutrients and antioxidants. Algae omega-3 is completely plant based and a superior alternative to fish oil. New cosmetic concepts focus on natural bioactive substances to counteract skin aging and repair skin cells. Anti-aging substances in microalgae work as natural antioxidants neutralizing free radicals and absorbing UV light.
Micro-algae is a growth market with great potential. The project has low start-up costs, uses low cost raw materials, with cost-efficient production. The technology is environmentally friendly.

Product use cases

Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals
Initially we will concentrate on sale of cosmetics and food supplements under the brand Aquaflor cosmetic line. It includes products for face, body and hair, suitable for all skin types.
The Aquaculture industry
Feeding of Cod, Sea bas juveniles and Shellfish. The industry is under pressure to find alternative viable forms of feed – which micro-algae can provide.
There will be a strong demand for non CO2 fuel in the next decade.
Micro-algae significantly more effective than alternative sources of bio-fuel.


Target Market

The Microalgae market in Norway is in its infancy, expecting strong growth in the next decade.
We have launched our cosmetic line on our website and a professional website developer markets our products. We will distribute through wholesale, special shops for algae products, hair stylists, SPAs, health centers and home parties. The nutraceutical market shows strong growth and has a turnover of NOK 3.5 billion annually. The market for Omega-3 fatty acids has grown almost 25% annually.

Competitive landscape

The nutraceutical market: The market consists of a large number of products with many competitors; world famous corporations, Abott, BASF, Du Pont and small companies that only have few products. Vitapro AS is probably our main competitor, with a product line similar to ours.
The aquaculture market: Feeding of fish juveniles is a big market that needs a substantial amount of algae concentrates. Initially Cod juveniles in Norway and Sea bass juveniles in Southern Europe. Shrimp and oyster feed is also a promising market. Aquaflor will compete with players from US, Japan and Germany.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Microalgae produce many unique substances which are essential to human and animal health. Our business will be to manufacture these substances and deliver highest quality premium products. Production of microalgae in a closed system ensures clean and efficient production, free of toxins and also consumes Co2.
Algae based Omega-3 fatty acids are stable and free of cholesterol and pollution. Beta glucan products are a more effective immune stimulator than those traditionally produced from bakers yeast.
We replace unsustainable production methods and pollution with green and bio based techniques. We are the first player that intends to open special algae shops.

Business Model

Company revenue streams

Aquaflor Industries AS will generate revenues through sales of cosmetics and nutraceuticals, feed for white fish juveniles and productions of Omega-3 fatty acids and beta glucan products.
The products will be in the higher price segments where prices generate high profit.

Product/service distribution

Aquaflor Industries AS will sell its products via quality distributers that have contacts to build recognition with key influencers. Also, utilizing bloggers, social and traditional media channels we will increase traffic to the website. It is also our intention to distribute through wholesales, hair stylists, SPAs, health centers, home parties and establish algae shops around the country. It is our opinion that increased geographical distribution is necessary.


Previous milestones/traction

  • Through years of research and tests, the feasibility of commercial production of microalgae in the Nordic Area has been confirmed.
  • Most suitable light for maximizing cultivation developed and tested.
  • Production equipment selected and located.
  • Flexible technology – applicable for a variety of species.
  • Selected species for cultivation.
Milestones 2015
  • Market analyses completed.
  • Webshop developed and adopted.
  • Sales of micro-algae products (nutraceutical and cosmetic).

Next key objectives

  • Expand our product line, spring 2016.
  • Execute sales & marketing activities, raise awareness of brand and concept, 2016.
  • Continue building the team, local and geographically 2016.
  • Open special algae shops, 2016.
  • Financing investment in photobioreactor and other equipment necessary for microalgae cultivation, second half of 2016.
  • Construction of photo-bioreactor in greenhouse, 2017.
  • Production of algae biomass, beginning of 2018.
We want to reach break even in 2017, and have an annual turnover of approximately € 10 mill. at latest in 2020/2021.

IGV GmbH, Potsdam, has developed the photobioreactor we shall use. The photobioreactor portfolio is now taken over by bbi-biotech GmbH, Berlin. IGV GmbH is world famous and through IGV GmbH we will have access to top-level competence and know-how. IGV GmbH and Algaetech Industries AS together have confirmed commercial production in the Nordic area. IGV GmbH has developed a number of innovative products for food and feed production and is expert in the field of biotechnology using microalgae. BBI-biotech GmbH has worked with Algae business since 1988. Webkonsulentene AS has more than 10 years from e-commerce and marketing.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

We invented a feed/fodder for farm animals, together with University of Karlstad and Eka (Akzo Nobel group). The product was based on microalgae and cellulose and could reduce the danger of Mad Cow Disease. The invention was patentable, but was not patented at the time due to lack of funds.
We have been invited to participate in a research project within a Marine Biotech program, financed under the European Commission 7th Framework program 2013 – 2017.

Use of Funds

10% Product development.
40% Marketing in social networks and advertising.
30%  Other activities ( sales, new algae shops, partnerships, network).
20% Planning large scale production.
By the end of 2018/19 we see Aquaflor Industries AS as a market leader open to different exit opportunities. We plan to listing the shares on the Oslo Stock exchange for smaller companies 6 -12 month from now. As the microalgae market matures in 2020, we plan a project or trade sell.

Contact Information:

Jan Berg-Nilsen
0047 9818 4005

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