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Mar 15, 2016 11:16 AM ET

MOBCRAFT BEER started in 2008 when three buds, a passion for home brewing, cooking and exotic ingredients met in south central Wisconsin.

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It all started in 2008 when three buds, a passion for home brewing, cooking and exotic ingredients met in south central Wisconsin. We started experimenting with weird ingredients while home brewing and made some pretty fun stuff! Fast forward a few years we picked up some experience in the corporate and Professional brewing worlds, and decided it was our time to launch a brewery like no one had ever seen. We married the business model of crowdsourcing (letting customers decide) and craft brewing to create the worlds first fully crowdsourced brewery. We tested the model while getting federal and state approval and recieved great feedback on our crazy beers which ranged from Praerie Fyre, a ghost pepper amber, to a Arabian Date Night, a date spiced barley wine aged on vanilla beans then in brandy oak barrels. With permits approved we purchased a fermenter and a brite tank and moved into an existing brewery to use up some excess capacity. We’ve put out three batches of fully crowdsourced beers as well as two flagship beers. Now its time to expand and move into our own facility to produce higher volumes of crowdsourced beers and continue to build out our flagship line.


Unleash your Inner Brewmaster with MobCraft Beer! As a fully crowdsourced brewery we put the decisions in the hands of craft beer lovers around the US. Through our website users can submit ideas for beers, they can be as simple as “beer with spruce tips”, or as complex as an entire grain bill and hop regimen. From there users share these recipes with friends, through various social media outlets. At the end of the month the 4 most socially popular beers go up for a vote. Voters put in a preorder for the batch they want to see brewed, the beer with the most preorders wins. The winning batch is brewed and packaged in a 4 pack of 22oz bombers and available for pickup or shipped to your door. Crowdsourcing is our way to get MobCraft to beer lovers across the nation, as brand awareness grows, we will introduce flagship beers for traditional distribution to areas where we have shipped the winning beers.


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