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Mar 14, 2016 9:12 AM ET

Versigraph Inc.: Web-Based Content Creation Tools for Audiences Everywhere.

Versigraph Inc.: Web-Based Content Creation Tools for Audiences Everywhere.

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 14, 2016

Versigraph Inc.

Web-Based Content Creation Tools for Audiences Everywhere.

From media to education and even defense, graphics are a powerful way to inform your audience. But traditionally, the graphics creation process has been complicated, time-consuming and far from user-friendly; full of patchwork solutions and trouble-shooting sessions that overwhelm your creative team and waste your digital media managers time. 

At Versigraph, we’re making it our mission to change that.
Versigraph’s simple, affordable, and convenient solution is called Glint.


Users, meet Super-Users.

“How are we going to do this?” becomes “Lets do it!” thanks to digital graphics creation with an all-in-one collaborative solution for anyone who needs digital graphics design and presentation for mobile, web, embedded devices, good old-fashioned television, and more.


Leave no app behind.

Today’s consumer engages with new and emerging media for everything from work productivity and up-to-the-minute news to entertainment and social interaction. Today’s technology facilitates the real-time presentation of extensive, and immersive information– available anytime, anywhere, using almost any device. And the emergence of the “Internet of Things” is sure to bring even more to the table.

This evolution presents content creators in various fields with both a huge opportunity and huge problem:How do we create rich, dynamic, and immersive content across all platforms?

The solutions and services available to date have been painfully fragmented. Today’s content creators and producers must use multiple toolsets and write countless pages of code to create the content that todays hyper-connected consumers thirst forresulting in an overall time-consuming, painful and expensive process.


Did we mention, cost-effective?

With Glint, you will create rich, interactive, data-driven graphics, and give your audience the feel of immersive and augmented reality, on whatever device they use. Glint features unified tools for design, management, and live productionthat are intuitive and highly useful for both graphics professionals and consumers.


We are making the whole graphics creation process affordable, simple, and efficient, even for those who are not professional coders. Our intuitive user interface features an easy drag-and drop environment for quick, painless,beautiful graphics creation. 

Versigraph’s “author once, deploy everywhere” mindset inspires every aspect of Glint, and we create the functions to inspire your creation of interactive visual content which you can easily store and deploy to diverse platforms. 

Versigraph’s technology makes it possible for designers and others involved in the graphics creation process to collaborate, so you can work as usual and more easily collaborate with different teams.

Enjoy a marked improvement in the volume and quality of your graphics because you won’t have to wait to see your composition- it is instantly available for design, review and release. Cut down the rendering time and production process, smooth out the workflow, and centralize production so you can update your graphics in real time and stay competitive

With Glint, you will say goodbye to buildingout the same content in one platform with one set of production tools and teams, and doing the same thing with another software for another platform. Versigraph gives you a centralized hub for creating digital graphics that can be pushed to a variety of platforms, from traditional television to the web to the touchscreen interfaces found in automobiles and appliances.


Glint, Versigraph’s proprietary end-to-end solution, is widely adaptable for any workflow in any type of production environment, thanks to a collection of web technologies, the primary one being WebGL.

WebGL is the driving force behind Glint, allowing us to take the technology that was once expensive and available only in simulation and gaming, and make it relevant in today’s need for information anytime and anywhere. 
WebGL is an API for JavaScript that allows users to render rich and interactive 2D and 3D computer graphics within any compatible web browser without having to install additional software. This allows WebGL elements to seamlessly integrate with other coding elements across various platforms.


Glint is still in the early stages of development, but the Versigraph team is already seeing incredible response and feedback from industry leaders and decision-makers particularly in the broadcasting arena.

Here’s what the industry has to say after viewing Glint’s feature-rich product demo:

“Versigraph looks to me like a fantastic piece of software, it is easy to use, has all the features necessary for building beautiful and practical real time graphics and the collaborative aspect of it is a true game changer. By being able to work in the web browser it allows the designer to work on the go wherever they are, no longer tied into a specific machine in the traditional office environment. Having worked with Josh, he understands what makes real time graphics tick and knows how to achieve optimal results.”
     – Alex Margaritis
       Senior Producer, Creative Department
       Al Jazeera America

We have also received keen interest from
Bloomberg Multimedia and Al-Jazeera America.


Currently, we have a patent pending for our
Web-Based Media Content Management design. 


Josh Monesson

Josh has over 15 years of experience and expertise in real-time digital media and broadcasting. He has provided content development services for Al-Jazeera America, ABC News, Fox Business, Vizrt, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). He also ran a highly in-demand broadcast graphics enterprise whose client roster included Bloomberg TV, MLB.com,
Griffin Communications, and the NYSE.

Florian Bösch
Full-Stack Developer
Florian is a software engineer specializing in WebGL, database, and interactive technologies. He is a 15-year veteran in the industry, with clients in entertainment and 

Thomas Keeley
Motion Designer

Thomas is a Rhode Island School of Design-educated designer with over 7 years of experience in media organizations including Fox Business, ABC News, CBS News, and SNY Sports Television.

Contact Information:

Josh Monesson

Florian Bösch
Full-Stack Developer

Thomas Keeley
Motion Designer

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