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Mar 14, 2016 2:40 PM ET

Tettra - Painless knowledge sharing for growing teams: A simple way to share the knowledge your team needs to get work done.

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 14, 2016


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Painless knowledge sharing for growing teams

Tettra is a simple way to share the knowledge your team needs to get work done.

**Over 400 companies have created beta accounts since Jan 6th and we’re adding ~20 companies a day**

Chat is great for quick, casual communication. But thought-out write-ups and threaded discussions are where the real works gets done. This “low-gear” style of communication is crucial to coordinating and setting a vision for high impact projects.

Existing Wiki and intranet tools are hard to get adopted in your company because they require you spend endless hours creating content before they are useful.

Tettra takes a different approach by using the content


  • Nelson Joyce

    Product Designer. Technical. Cofounder of @Tettra. Previously built a “startup” inside of @HubSpotcalled Leadin.

  • Andy Cook

    Cofounder of Tettra. Previously co-creator of Leadin by HubSpot Labs and cofounder of Rentabilities (acquired by HubSpot).

Contact Information:

Nelson Joyce

Andy Cook

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