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Jul 13, 2015 7:35 PM ET

Foreverbird Studio Announces the Launch of Chaos Odyssey

Foreverbird Studio Announces the Launch of Chaos Odyssey

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 13, 2015



Santa Barbara, CAForeverbird Studio is excited to announce the launch of Chaos Odyssey, a card game to inspire self-expression and creative thinking.

Foreverbird Studio believes Chaos Odyssey, an intuitive card game, will serve niche community needs by facilitating an exchange of ideas. Potential uses include: mental health, visual literacy, communication skills, innovative thinking, and collaborative creativity.

Chaos Odyssey cards are different from standard playing cards. They are square, 3 by 3 inches, with colorful images and words. The cards divide equally into 3 sequential suits of 11 and relate to themes of inside, outside, and art. The majority of the cards have unique illustrations on the back that assemble neatly into a clever map puzzle.

To play, imagine picking a card and looking at it. Does the card remind you of a dream or a past encounter? Does it lead you to new thoughts or dialog? If the association of memory to image leads to new ideas or insights, congratulations – you have scored! By recording these experiences on a section of the map, your score will create a personalized Chaos Odyssey game that you can reference and add to every time you play. Everyone can win by having great new ideas.

“Three cards: Thank, Exercise, Dream. My beloved soulmate Bindi, the four-legged love of my life and my rock, passed away 6 months ago today after over 14 years by my side. I thank her for blessing my life with her presence. To honor her, we’ll take an evening walk together. Exercise our bodies and souls, lighten our spirits and feel the breeze on our faces. And I will dream of her, of our meeting again, and maybe of the possibility of love and companionship again.” – Testimonial from Jane

The imagery used in this game comes from a series of Mitra Cline’s artwork that spans a four-year period of time. The style is playful and represents the inner child’s creativity and freedom. Mitra Cline is a conceptual artist creating mixed media images inspired by life experience and observation. Mitra’s images invite the viewer on a journey of self-exploration because they have emerged out of an autobiographical digital collage process and reflect a surrealist dream aesthetic.

celebratory launch party of mask making and creative games is planned for project funders on November 1st, 2015. If you would like to learn more, please visit www.chaosodyssey.com.

Foreverbird Studiowhere ideas take flight–supports community development by providing creative freelance services and products. Launched in 2011, Foreverbird Studio has supported dozens start-up businesses and non-profit events by providing graphic design and marketing services.



Contact Information:

Foreverbird Studio

Contact: Mitra Cline

Web: ForeverBirdStudio.com

Phone: (805) 776-3605

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