image Apr 23, 2017 10:40 AM ET Social project in Peru: El Champal of Cocachacra – We aim to enhance our environment throughout sustainable actions to develop responsible tourism. iCrowdNewswire - Apr 23, 2017 - Starting from the idea of a Peruvian and a French in November 2014, the Champal is an enterprise of social impact, located in the district of Santa Cruz de Cocachacra, Peru. We are offering hotel services throughout the year, health food and a reconnection with the history and the traditions of the Sierra of Lima. (more...)

image Apr 22, 2017 3:04 PM ET Bee-Connect – Connected urban beehives: Fun, innovation and sustainability ! iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2017 - Bee-Connect is a new-born, non-profit swiss society. We offer connected beehives to companies and private individuals. It's a full-service concept : the customer directly recieves a beehive, ready to produce its own honey, and equiped with captors and cameras. It is linked to their smartphone, which allows to watch the bees from home. (more...)

image Apr 22, 2017 1:02 PM ET Mars 160 / Arctic Expedition – A polar expedition to simulate another world iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2017 - Mars 160 is a scientific program that aims to study the influence of the terrestrial environment on Martian mission simulations. The program includes two expeditions: the first in the Utah desert has already happened (Fall 2016), the second in the Arctic (expected for this Summer 2017). (more...)

image Apr 22, 2017 10:06 AM ET 2050 (Humans, We Have a Problem…) Against all odds, humans race to restore natural habitats to avert devastating climate change & environmental collapse before year 2050 iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2017 - NEWS from the TOWER: Denis Yanishevskiy summarizes 2050 and FNF . The board is an abstract planet earth composed of all dominant habitats, oceans, forests, grasslands, deserts and industrial human footprint of all major industrial sectors. The present and near future of habitats is in play. Humans at risk. Heroes needed. (more...)

image Apr 22, 2017 9:30 AM ET ROME: Middle East, Engulfed by a ‘Perfect Storm’ iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2017 - A perfect storm has engulfed the Middle East, and continues to threaten international peace and security. (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 4:41 PM ET HOÉ : turning indicators for cycling. #NO BUTTON #LIFE SAVER #SAFER COMMUNICATION iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - HOÉ bracelet is an AUTOMATIC turning indicator to EDUCATE cyclist to raise their arms before turning and increase cycling SECURITY in developping road users communication. #NO BUTTON ON/OFF: Yes, some flashing device for bycile exist but they all need to press a switch button before turning and are not well identify by car drivers as turning indicators. (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 3:53 PM ET Touch of Classic is the first collection of digital interactive classic adaptions for children. iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - Four apps have already been published, the first was Apple App of the week and number 1 in 15 countries. Production is already underway to extend the series. TOC has been nurtured so far by Media Minds solely, but the aim now is to spin off TOC. (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 3:48 PM ET Rapidlea: A SaaS eLearning platform for companies who would like to teach their employees, spread knowlegde or instruct people. iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - Rapidlea enables organizations to create, publish, analyze and manage online courses in a simple and inexpensive way. Rapidlea makes learning easy, affordable and accessible. Anywhere and anytime. (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 2:04 PM ET EasyEat – App DB iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - Teaching Nutrition customized recipes according to BMI in collaboration with qualified nutritionists (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 1:23 PM ET Face It a true story about overcoming maxillofacial trauma iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - In a few months it will have been four years since the motorcycle accident that nearly took my life left me with an unmistakably new self identity. Throughout these four years the emotional rollercoaster has been a wild adventure for those in my life, but most especially for myself. (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 11:53 AM ET Inner Compass cards – a tool to rediscover your path Awaken your inner compass to see directly what is most valuable to you at any given moment iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - The Inner Compass deck is an easy tool to rediscover your path and playfully change your being. The cards share profound universal wisdom and symbolism to guide your personal growth and to make you feel at ease in the chaos, without being distracted. Awaken your inner compass to see directly what is most valuable to you at any given moment. (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 8:48 AM ET Scratch/My/Back plates New solution to attach pedals to pedalboards iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - Scratch/My/Back is a new ingenious system for attaching your favorite effects pedals on your pedalboard. And this without ever using adhesive that could damage your toys (Toys often very expensive! How much you put for your last pedal no?). (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 8:13 AM ET Mag ICreatum : The All-in-One 3D Machine iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - Turn your desktop into a workshop. You can easily do 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving, starting at $99. (more...)

image Apr 21, 2017 6:05 AM ET Freecomm социальная сеть: А так же кто хочет выделиться в сети предусмотрены подарки, блок хочу общаться iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2017 - А так же кто хочет выделиться в сети предусмотрены подарки, блок хочу общаться. Огромный выбор приложений самых различных тематик, более 300 приложений. (more...)

image Apr 20, 2017 8:00 PM ET ROMA: Yemen concentra la mayor crisis humanitaria iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017 - Con 18,8 millones de personas, casi siete de cada 10 habitantes, que requieren asistencia humanitaria, 10,3 millones de las cuales la necesitan de inmediato, Yemen tiene la mayor crisis en un solo país, según la ONU, que advierte que la guerra, que ya lleva dos años, amenaza con empujarlo a un “colapso social, económico e institucional”. (more...)

image Apr 20, 2017 7:09 PM ET The Fuzz Gentlemen The first Album iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017 - Our ambition to release our first album has come to life and we will do so next November. But to achieve our goal, we do need your help ! And we invite you to be part of our team. Of course, some positions such as song writer, composer, sound engineer, are already filled in. So, how could you be part of the adventure ? (more...)

image Apr 20, 2017 5:13 PM ET 1 HAND 4 THE ARTS – Advanced Arm Dynamics is a company based in Philadelphia (PA, USA) close to the Big Apple, that specializes in upper extremity prosthetic rehabilitation and already made itself available to help Andre iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017 - Speedy is one of those people who stays in our memories and our hearts: even though he doesn't have an arm he is a professional dancer and a breakdance teacher. If he teaches you a move, will you give him a hand, The life of "Speedy" started just like ours with the small difference that he was born with only one arm. (more...)

image Apr 20, 2017 5:02 PM ET mi-ja _ jewelry design made in Italy Mi-ja it’s a jewelry brand totally made in Italy with a strong but minimal design realized by camilla and andrea italian designer iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017 - My name is Camilla, Italian designer and co-founder of Mi-ja, a jewelry brand designed and made in Italy. Me and Andrea, a fellow Italian designer, and I have started this project about a year ago aware of how tough it could have been, and how hard it is today to bring to fruition an idea. (more...)

image Apr 20, 2017 3:16 PM ET This No Land A short Spaghetti Western with a surrealistic Belgian touch iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017 - It is a film about Grandpa Sudoku, an old cowboy, and Laura, a tenacious six-year old girl, who are travelling to Disneyland together. On their journey through the desolate Western landscape, they encounter a number of interesting characters. At the end of the film, they all come together in a dramatic climax at a petrol station. (more...)

image Apr 20, 2017 2:51 PM ET Sivarit: Open & Free “Groupon Deal Builder” for smart, instant & cross-platform buy/sell iCrowdNewswire - Apr 20, 2017 - La plataforma Sivarit utiliza diseño y tecnología móvil para optimizar la experiencia de compra-venta en Smartphone y conectar a usuarios con comercios y sus ofertas del momento. Modelo de Negocio “Win-Win-Win”, Comercios, Sivarit y Usuarios se benefician. Ingresos en Planes de Partners, %ofertas, %ofertas no disfrutadas, publicidad y “Analytics”. (more...)

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