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Mar 1, 2018 1:24 AM ET

Global Laboratory Informatics Market to Escalate at a Rapid Scale Through 2022

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 1, 2018

Global Laboratory Informatics Industry Report” is an expert and in-depth analysis of key business and future development prospects, key determinants and restrictions, profiles of major market players, segmentation and forecasting. The study offers a comprehensive qualitative analysis of the industry’s growth parameters, the current state of the market in terms of analysis of key economic situations and macroeconomic analysis. The analysis highlights the growth opportunities of key market segments along with the tactical moves made by key vendors to grow in the market.


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Scope of the Report:

“This report studies the global Laboratory Informatics market, analyzes and researches the Laboratory Informatics development status and forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.”

This report focuses on the Top Players in global market, like

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (US)

LabWare (US)

LabVantage Solutions, Inc. (US)

Abbott Informatics (US)

Waters (US)

Agilent Technologies (US)


PerkinElmer Inc. (US)

Autoscribe Informatics (UK)

Arxspan LLC (US)

Dassault Syst?mes (France)

RURO Inc. (US)

Kinematik (Ireland)

LabLynx, Inc. (US)


Market segment by Regions/Countries, this report covers

United States





Southeast Asia

Market segment by Type, Laboratory Informatics can be split into



Remotely Hosted

Market segment by Application, Laboratory Informatics can be split into

Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies


Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics

Academic Research Institutes

Petrochemical Refineries & Oil and Gas



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Table of Content:

1 Industry Overview of Laboratory Informatics

1.1 Laboratory Informatics Market Overview

1.1.1 Laboratory Informatics Product Scope

1.1.2 Market Status and Outlook

1.2 Global Laboratory Informatics Market Size and Analysis by Regions

1.3 Laboratory Informatics Market by Type

1.3.1 On-premise

1.3.2 Cloud-based

1.3.3 Remotely Hosted

1.4 Laboratory Informatics Market by End Users/Application

1.4.1 Life Sciences

1.4.2 Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

1.4.3 Biobanks

1.4.4 Molecular and Clinical Diagnostics

1.4.5 Academic Research Institutes

1.4.6 Petrochemical Refineries & Oil and Gas

1.4.7 Others


2 Global Laboratory Informatics Competition Analysis by Players

2.1 Laboratory Informatics Market Size (Value) by Players (2016 and 2017)

2.2 Competitive Status and Trend

2.2.1 Market Concentration Rate

2.2.2 Product/Service Differences

2.2.3 New Entrants

2.2.4 The Technology Trends in Future


3 Company (Top Players) Profiles

3.1 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (US)

3.1.1 Company Profile

3.1.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.1.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.1.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.1.5 Recent Developments

3.2 LabWare (US)

3.2.1 Company Profile

3.2.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.2.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.2.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.2.5 Recent Developments

3.3 LabVantage Solutions, Inc. (US)

3.3.1 Company Profile

3.3.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.3.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.3.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.3.5 Recent Developments

3.4 Abbott Informatics (US)

3.4.1 Company Profile

3.4.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.4.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.4.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.4.5 Recent Developments

3.5 Waters (US)

3.5.1 Company Profile

3.5.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.5.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.5.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.5.5 Recent Developments

3.6 Agilent Technologies (US)

3.6.1 Company Profile

3.6.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.6.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.6.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.6.5 Recent Developments

3.7 IDBS (UK)

3.7.1 Company Profile

3.7.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.7.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.7.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.7.5 Recent Developments

3.8 PerkinElmer Inc. (US)

3.8.1 Company Profile

3.8.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.8.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.8.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.8.5 Recent Developments

3.9 Autoscribe Informatics (UK)

3.9.1 Company Profile

3.9.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.9.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.9.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.9.5 Recent Developments

3.10 Arxspan LLC (US)

3.10.1 Company Profile

3.10.2 Main Business/Business Overview

3.10.3 Products, Services and Solutions

3.10.4 Laboratory Informatics Revenue (Value) (2012-2017)

3.10.5 Recent Developments

3.11 Dassault Syst?mes (France)

3.12 RURO Inc. (US)

3.13 Kinematik (Ireland)

3.14 LabLynx, Inc. (US)




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