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Feb 15, 2018 9:00 AM ET

SyncFab Smart MFG Token Sale Begins Feb. 15 – 85% of 15,000 Ether Soft Cap Presold

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 15, 2018

SyncFab Leadership Speaking at Several Industry Events About Blockchain


San Francisco, California – February 15, 2018 – SyncFab Co., a leading business-to-business procurement and supply chain management platform for precision parts production, has presold 85% of its 15,000 ETH soft cap for the ERC20 Ethereum MFG utility tokens being sold in partnership with Smart MFG Tech Ltd.


The main public sale officially launches with a 15% Bonus on February 15, 2018 at 9am PST. With no minimum required purchase, the MFG token sale is a world first for hardware manufacturing supply chain management spearheading the industry revolution with blockchain.


Additionally, leadership at SyncFab have spoken at and will be speaking at several industry conferences and events in 2017 and 2018 about the intricacies and immense potential blockchain presents in the transformation of the manufacturing industry, now called the fourth industrial revolution. Speaking events include:


  • Blockchain for Business and IT Leaders by IDC – Boston, MA – 11/2017
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference “Blockchain Supply Chain” – Manila, Philippines – 1/2018
  • SYNCO Blockchain Token Economy Conference – Seoul, Korea – 1/2018
  • Internet of Agreements Conference – London, UK– 2/2018
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference “Blockchain Supply Chain” – Bangkok, Thailand – 3/2018
  • Vietnam Blockchain Week “Smart City Supply Chains” – Ho Chi Minh City – 3/2018
  • Day4Crypto by SALT “Supply Chain Blockchain” – Denver, CO – 3/2018
  • Global Blockchain Conference – Santa Clara (SF Bay) – 4/2018
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference “Blockchain Supply Chain” – Sydney, Australia 5/2018
  • Digital and Smart Factory 4.0 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 5/2018


Founder and CEO of SyncFab, Jeremy Goodwin, commented, “Working class manufacturers are embracing our blockchain solutions, as evidenced by the success of our token sale. We can’t deny that blockchain is catapulting growth and overcoming the industry’s weaknesses. We look forward to continuing to increase utilization rates in small independent machine shops and enhancing cost savings for large industrial buyers.”

Upon initiation, procurement teams in manufacturing companies will be able to utilize the tokens to not only incentivize Request For Quotation (RFQ) during their precision parts procurement process with a growing network of CNC machine shops, but also enable data collection and smart contract execution following subsequent development. After four years of development online and on the ground, the token sale marks a significant milestone for SyncFab’s secure platform, which will manage procurement transactions more efficiently online.


For more info on the MFG token sale, please visit During the main public sale SyncFab and partners will take extra precautionary safety measures. Reminder: Beware of scammers trying to defraud you of your money. Only send tokens to the address indicated on SyncFab Team Members and Telegram Moderators will never PM asking for your email or personal information or post addresses in chat inviting you to navigate to other URLs.


*SyncFab reserves every right to deny ineligible buyers and to end any sales when allocation is exhausted or when it deems appropriate to end the sale. Buyers should read the whitepaper and token sale terms and conditions before making any purchases. This token sale is not a securities solicitation or investment offering and does not represent any equity ownership or profit participation. You may potentially lose the entirety of your purchase amount and should not participate without fully understanding all the risks associated with the token sale.



About SyncFab

Founded in 2013 and now headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area City of San Leandro on the border of Silicon Valley, SyncFab is an active provider of best-in-class low-cost precision parts production solutions to supply chain buyers and domestic manufacturers. The company is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with blockchain to incentivize the blue collar working class for time they’re currently not compensated for while improving responsiveness for small and medium-sized hardware buyers. The platform matches industrial parts purchasers with a growing network of machine shops and advanced manufacturing facilities mapped by who is local and who is clean – an ISO 50001 US DOE certification for efficient energy management. SyncFab’s state-of-the-art B2B ecosystem enables sustainable local advanced manufacturing economy by allowing buyers to procure, manage, and track parts production online. The ecosystem makes local production more desirable and profitable and makes procurement bidding processes more transparent through the power of the Internet, blockchain, and online payment. SyncFab collaborates with federal and municipal government initiatives in public-private partnerships to advance civic innovation and economic development. For more information on SyncFab, please visit; for information on the SyncFab Blockchain Initiative and Token Sale, please visit



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Contact Information:

Irene Johnson, (917) 477-7881, [email protected]

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