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Feb 15, 2018 3:47 AM ET

DMEM Media Market Key Players, Trends, Share, Size and Growth up to 2022 by Million Insights

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 15, 2018

Global DMEM Media market is expected to display a finite growth exhibiting a rising CAGR in forthcoming period due to its importance in cell culture. DMEM is a modification of basal medium eagle (BME) that consists of a fourfold higher concentration of amino acids and in addition some supplementary components. The original DMEM formula contains 1000mg/l of glucose and was reported o culture embryonic mouse cells.

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DMEM Media also known as Dulbecco’s modified eagles medium is a modified version of eagles medium and is selected to be used in range of mammalian cell culture applications. The DMEM contains a four-fold increase in vitamins, amino acids and additional components essential for cell growth. The DMEM culture is highly compatible with density suspension culture and is a boon for growth of certain types of cells such as that in monkeys, human, rat and chicken. Eagles minimal essential medium (EMEM) is a cell culture medium developed to maintain cells in tissue culture. It contains amino acids, salts, glucose and vitamins.

Prevalence of DMEM media in cells attributes to the growth of DMEM Media Market. Government funding is also quite high in expansion of biomedical sector. Growth is also assured because growth of DMM in cell culture and research. Restraints to the DMEM Media Market exist due to lack of well-trained staff and research professionals to take care of the center.

DMEM is very much used in comparison to the more common MEM and RPMI which are utilized for more specialized cell types and are more unique serums free media formulations. DMEM is a variation of Basal Medium Eagle (BME). Both DMEM and EMEM are products of artificial media and very similar to each other as they both are a basal media.

The DMEM Media Industry segmented by type includes by media components, by form and others. By media components, the DMEM media market is further segmented d into high glucose, low glucose and no glucose. By form, DMEM media market is segmented into liquid type and powder type. By application, DMEM Media Industry segmentation includes scientific research, industrial production and others. The key industrial players in DMEM Media Market include Biological Industries, ThermoFisher, Sigma Aldrich, Lonza, Corning, Hi Media Laboratories, STEMCELL and VWR.

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