TheraCann International and Tokes Platform to provide blockchain based "provenance" features into seed-to-sale ERP and Merchant Gateway - iCrowdNewswire
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Feb 14, 2018 6:20 AM ET

TheraCann International and Tokes Platform to provide blockchain based “provenance” features into seed-to-sale ERP and Merchant Gateway

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 14, 2018

TheraCann International Benchmark Corporation, a leading full service international cannabis business and technology firm (“TheraCann”) and Tokes Platform (“Tokes”), a leader in providing blockchain solutions for the cannabis industry, released this week they have begun the full-scale development of adding blockchain based “provenance” features into the FinCEN compliant cannabis seed-to-sale Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP), TheraCannSYSTEM™. This ERP blockchain development includes integration of cryptocurrency payment features via the Tokes Platform merchant gateway and integration with TheraCann’s molecular tagging system to create an immutable link between the authenticity of goods and the authenticity of digital transactions throughout the supply chain.


“This is groundbreaking,” Gabriel Allred, co-founder of Tokes Platform, says “For the first time a blockchain has been integrated within a piece of functional resource management software. Being integrated up the verticals and across businesses will revolutionize how cannabis businesses transact.”

The global cannabis economy is expected to reach $140 Billion in the next 10 years with new legal medicinal and recreational legislation introduced seemingly each month. Combining blockchain, manufacturing control and molecular traceability within an existing seed to sale system provides provincial, state and international lawmakers a new blueprint to build and develop comprehensive guidelines, now and in the future.

Chris Bolton, Chief Operating Officer of TheraCann International, says “The ability to provide a platform for cannabis producers, processors, distributors, retailers, laboratories, government, law enforcement and all ancillary verticals along the supply chain with both batch and forensic origination control, all the while ensuring the veracity within a distributed ledger, was basically science fiction only a few years ago. Our partnership with the Tokes Platform allows TheraCann to develop these solutions for the global cannabis market today.”

About TheraCann International Benchmark Corporation

Founded in 2004, TheraCann International Benchmark Corporation offers a one-stop, full-service solution for the International cannabis marketplace. TheraCann provides business, technology and industry experts who apply advanced technology and help clients design, build and run their cannabis businesses. With nearly 3.5 million square feet of cannabis operations under management and the successful launch of groundbreaking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Aeroponic cultivation systems and patented genetic tracking and diversion prevention systems, TheraCann provides cannabis-related businesses with solutions to fit their regulatory requirements. More information about TheraCann is available at

About Tokes Platform

The Tokes Platform is a digital currency and software development company focused on the legal cannabis industry. Tokes’ core initiatives include a blockchain-based e-payment solutions, industry agnostic point-of-sale software, as well as compliance and provenance management through a dedicated ERP seed-to-sale application. The ERP enables external developer integration through a modular design and improves regulatory compliance through transparency of payments and supply chain management.  More details about the company available at

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TheraCann International

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