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Feb 14, 2018 9:40 AM ET

Prime-Ex Perpetual Announces PEX-Token Trading Pairs at YoBit Exchange

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 14, 2018

Prime-Ex Perpetual Announces PEX-Token Trading Pairs at YoBit Exchange


February 14, 2018, PANAMA — Panama-based real estate developer and homebuilder Prime-Ex Perpetual has announced that their PEX-Token (PEXT) trading pairs will now be available on cryptocurrency exchange.


The PEX-Token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token used as the prime currency within the Prime-Ex Perpetual real estate ecosystem. Prime-Ex Perpetual has created a mutually beneficial ecosystem wherein homebuyers are encouraged to pay their mortgage payment in PEX-Tokens. Furthermore, 80% of the profits made by the company are redirected towards the PEX-token holders. Since homebuyers also own PEX-Tokens, they receive a part of the profits, thus creating a self-sustaining cycle centered on the PEX-Tokens.


Since the PEX-Tokens play a central role within the Prime-Ex Perpetual ecosystem, its availability in reliable exchange platforms is imperative. YoBIT, being a relatively new but reliable and fully-decentralized exchange platform, is ideally placed to offer more trading options to Prime-Ex token holders.


Our supporters have been waiting patiently since the end of our ICO for a good trading pair on a prominent exchange,” said John Gilbert, CEO and Co-Founder, Prime-Ex Perpetual.


We’re happy for what this means for future PEX-Token liquidity and adoption of our solution for residential real estate. It represents the latest step forward for us as we continue our proof of concept. We hope to announce more trading pairs on other exchanges soon.”


Prime-Ex Perpetual recently completed its ICO, achieving token sales of over 14 million (14,000,000) PEX-Tokens. The project is one based on equity wherein the lenders have been placed on equal footing with the developers, builders, and the buyers, replacing their interest rate risk with equity participation.


YoBit was first introduced to the BitcoinTalk forum in 2015, and it offers many of the same features as some of the more prominent exchange platforms such as Bittrex, thus assuring efficiency and user satisfaction.


The PEXT/BTC pairing can be traded at


For more information regarding Prime-Ex Perpetual or PEX-Tokens, contact [email protected].


About Prime Ex-Perpetual

Prime Ex-Perpetual is a real estate project with a unique concept. They build, sell, and finance the homes, and distribute 80% of the company profits to the PEX-Token holders and homebuyers perpetually.


The Prime-Ex Perpetual 125 home proof of concept will occur in the cool highlands and the warm beaches of the Republic of Panama, the top expat destination for home ownership and a place where financing homes used to be challenging for expats. Once the concept has been proven, Prime-Ex Perpetual will expand into other international locations.


To buy Prime-Ex Perpetual’s PEX-Tokens or download the whitepaper, please visit For latest news and notifications on the PEX-Tokens, please also follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @PEXTokens.


Contact: Nona Perez, MVG for Prime-Ex, +1 646 205 7030, [email protected]


Contact Information:

Max Smetannikov
[email protected]

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