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Feb 11, 2018 4:10 PM ET

ProfNet Experts Available on Behavioral Insights in Business, Smart Luggage, More

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iCrowdNewswire - Feb 11, 2018

NEW YORK,  — Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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  • Applying Behavioral Insights to Leverage Strengths
  • Don’t Let the Airlines Ground Your Luggage
  • Parenting Lessons for the C-Suite


  • Financial Services Reporter – POLITICO Pro (VA)
  • Enterprising Tech Reporter – Communications Daily (DC)
  • Editor – PFM (NY)


  • 11 Nonprofit News Sites That Are Using Investigative Storytelling to Rebalance the News
  • Media Insider: Americans Losing Faith in News Industry
  • Blog Profiles: Consumer Electronics Blogs



Applying Behavioral Insights to Leverage Strengths
Hugh Massie
DNA Behavior International
“The ability to really pinpoint behavioral insights touches a lot of current topics, from sexual harassment to ferreting out corporate rogues, reg tech and fin tech (compliance), HR, dealing with generational differences in the workforce, and digital marketing.”
Massie is a thought leader in behavioral insights (including behavioral finance), especially “operationalizing” these insights — that is, the *application* of behavioral insights — so individuals and organizations can best leverage strengths and account for any weaknesses. For instance, a company might use behavioral analytics technology (combining behavioral and psychological theory) to figure out whom it needs to hire as advisors or to build optimal teams, or advisors may use it to better work with investing clients, entrepreneurs can use it to maximize strengths and shore up areas in which they may be weak, and so on. Massie and his team help match people and their communication style and strengths to others, whether that’s for hiring, team building or optimizing a startup. He is the author of the book “Financial DNA: Discovering Your Unique Financial Personality for a Quality Life,” and has authored many articles and papers in his expert area. He also regularly makes presentations to groups ranging from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization to major universities, banks and other financial institutions. He began his career as an accountant and, as a serial entrepreneur, always seems to have more than one ball in the air. For instance, while his “day job” is currently as CEO of Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International, he also is chair of Big Review TV Limited (BRTV), a Sydney Stock Exchange company that integrates multi-media to provide a hub for people to search, view and review businesses, events and destinations. It recently became a “unicorn,” based on its rapid growth and expansion. He says DNA Behavior is on track to become a unicorn too.
Contact: Drew Plant[email protected]

Don’t Let the Airlines Ground Your Luggage
Atara Dzikowski
Founder and CEO
Samsara Luggage
As of Jan. 15, many of the top airlines, including American, United and Southwest Airlines, will not permit passengers to fly with smart luggage carry-ons or checked-in luggage that contain non-removable lithium batteries, which typically power smartphones and other devices. Says Dzikowski: “These new restrictions are a setback to the smart suitcase trend that has been disrupting the luggage space in recent years. Prior to the ban, bags with USB charging ports, motorized wheels and other ‘smart’ tech features were met with great fanfare from consumers. Now it comes down to survival of the fittest, and which bags actually are, well, smart. As long as the passenger demonstrates the ability to extract the battery from the luggage, they are permitted to proceed passed final security checks. It’s important to incorporate all the electronic components of the bag into one unit that is removable — this way, there is always an option for the bag to be totally electronic free and comply with the new airline regulations.”
Dzikowski is available to share more industry insight on this trending topic. She can also share experiences about launching a consumer product in today’s market where barriers to entry are lower than ever, the competition among consumer products, and the power of crowd-funding campaigns to drive e-commerce models. Samsara is one of several smart luggage brands that incorporates all the tech features of the bag into one unit that is removable, ensuring there is an option for the suitcase to be totally electronic free when needed.
Contact: Jerry Schranz[email protected]

Parenting Lessons for the C-Suite
Michelle Gale
Author, Mindfulness Educator
“Working parents, as a community, are often the absolute worst at finding time to take care of ourselves. We give so much time and energy to our careers and families, then find ourselves completely spent. Here’s the deal: One of the most important things we can do is to care for ourselves. Period. It’s also one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children.”
Gale is a mindfulness educator, corporate trainer, executive coach, podcast host and author of the book “Mindful Parenting in a Messy World.” She is on a mission to support parents in staying meaningfully connected to themselves and their families, even as the demands and complexity of contemporary life and work are accelerated. She works in schools, communities, and corporations teaching mindfulness and speaking to parents. Gale was previously the head of learning and leadership development at Twitter and spent most of her career working in high growth technology startups. In addition to her board work with the Holistic Life Foundation, she is currently an advisor to the Mindful Schools, Wisdom 2.0 and Tilt365. She is also a strategic partner with The Trium Group and WisdomLabs. Gale received her M.A in psychology from Meridian University and her undergraduate degree from Florida State University, where she studied child development. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two sons.
Online Press Kit:
Contact: Jennifer Thomas[email protected]



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  • Financial Services Reporter – POLITICO Pro (VA)
  • Enterprising Tech Reporter – Communications Daily (DC)
  • Editor – PFM (NY)



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