Marinellys Tremamunno published in Italy the book 'Venezuela: el colapso de una revolución' - iCrowdNewswire
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Jan 13, 2018 12:04 PM ET

Marinellys Tremamunno published in Italy the book ‘Venezuela: el colapso de una revolución’

iCrowdNewswire - Jan 13, 2018

The venezuelan journalist explains with her book written in italian how the country with the world’s largest oil reserves arrived at the current humanitarian crisis unprecedented in its history

Talking about the crisis of Venezuela in Italy is not an easy task, because little is said about the South American country in the big media. This silence led the italian-venezuelan journalist Marinellys Tremamunno to publish the book ‘Venezuela: il crollo di una rivoluzione’ (in Spanish ‘Venezuela: el colapso de una revolución’), with the intention of explaining to the italians how Venezuela arrived at the most serious crisis in its history. “In Italy little is known about the humanitarian crisis experienced by venezuelans and it is often thought that there is an ideological confrontation or a revolution against imperialism, so I try to explain that the drama we are experiencing is the result of the dismemberment of institutions and the annihilation of the political-economic system in the name of 21st Century Socialism,”said Tremamunno. The book was published in italian by Edizioni Arcoiris and will soon be published in spanish.

‘Venezuela: il crollo di una rivoluzione’ presents a compilation of articles written in italian by the journalist and published in the vatican newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. These articles allow readers to immerse themselves in the venezuelan drama from June 2015 to January 2017. A drama that had to be presented in the right context with the unprecedented testimonies of important protagonists and experts: a conversation with Professor Leonardo Morlino allows to understand the political phenomenon; two chapters have been dedicated to career diplomat Milos Alcalay and the editor of El Nacional newspaper Miguel Henrique Otero; and in closing, monsignor José Luis Azuaje Ayala, president of Caritas Latin America and recently elected president of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, are present. Each article is accompanied by the expressive force of the caricatures of Fernando Pinilla, a young genius of the venezuelan caricature. Undoubtedly, after this book, the italian readers will not be able to be indifferent to the venezuelan crisis.

An active church
Marinellys Tremamunno, as a vatican journalist, has closely followed the presence of the venezuelan church in the defense of human rights in Venezuela. In the pages of his book can be readed important voices of the episcopate, such as Cardinal Baltazar Porras, monsignor Roberto Lucker and monsignor Freddy Fuenmayor. In addition, emphasizes the presence of the italian translation of the ‘Exhortación Pastoral’ published in January 2017,”in which the episcopate was already warning of the crisis to come,” said the journalist.

Marinellys Tremamunno is an italian-venezuelan journalist, born in Caracas. After only 25 years he founded the newspaper Tras La Noticia in San Antonio de los Altos (2003), which after six years had to close because of censorship in Venezuela. She is currently a correspondent of Imagen TV (Mexico) for the Holy See, is a columnist for Diario Los Andes (Venezuela) and writes about Latin America (in italian) for the vatican newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. Her first book was published in 2002:”Chávez y los medios de comunicación” (Alfadil Ediciones). She also runs her own communication consulting agency TREMAMUNNO MEDIA & CONSULTING.


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