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Oct 20, 2017 6:50 AM ET

The Truth About Lucky Minerals’ Emigrant Project

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iCrowdNewswire - Oct 20, 2017

By Robert W. Rosner, CEO of Lucky Minerals

VANCOUVER – In a recent op-ed authored by Caroline Byrd, Executive Director of Great Yellowstone Coalition (GYC), she posed the question, “what’s Lucky Minerals really up to?” The answer to this question is direct and documented in public record. Lucky Minerals (LM) has answered GYC’s question in a plan of operation submitted in November 2015 for the exploration of the privately-owned St. Julian Claim Block which is part of its Emigrant Project. 


Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) subsequently, reviewed, studied and collected public comments regarding the proposed exploration. The 300-page Final Environmental Assessment answers all questions pertaining the proposed exploration and is the record of facts regarding the Emigrant Project.

Opposition messaging regarding the Emigrant Project is intentionally misguiding the public and perpetuating a culture of fear within the community. The misinformation that has dominated publications and broadcasts is self-serving as it cultivates fundraising fodder to fill the coffers of environmental organizations like GYC. These tactics often delay viable, job-creating projects while middle-class families struggle to provide for their daily needs.  

When weighing the validity of the opposition’s messaging, it is important to consider all factors in the context of the current plan of operation and exploration license. The Emigrant Project is an early-phase, strategic mineral exploration, therefore, some of the false statements can be discounted on this basis alone.

Mineral exploration is a phase-by-phase development process. The scientific data gathered during mineral exploration will be conveyed to all stakeholders and subsequent decisions taken on a phase by phase basis. A new plan of operation is filed with relevant governing agencies at each phase of development which triggers in-depth scientific research and a lengthy public process to vet the proposed work in the context of environmental, cultural and economic viability.

NO plan of operation for developing a mine has been submitted for the Emigrant Project, therefore, all information asserting that LM is proposing a “2500-acre, industrial scale mine” has been fabricated by the opposition.

Lucky Minerals’ corporate structure provides certain assurances to the community and for the environment. Recently, the company established a Montana-based corporation, Lucky Minerals Montana (LMM), and a local project management team to direct the Emigrant Project exploration. As a publicly-traded company, LM is subject to strict regulation that requires a high-level of transparency and disclosure of material information regarding the company and its projects. Additionally, as an international mineral exploration company, Lucky Minerals is not only governed by Montana and US regulations, it is also required to abide by international environmental policies which are the most stringent.

The processes and regulations implemented in the early 1990’s by the Environmental Protection Agency have effectively evolved natural resource industries to become some of the best stewards of the land, water, minerals, timber and air. Modern mineral operations are known to be environmentally progressive and based on sustainable development.  Managing all aspects of the Emigrant Project in a sustainable manner is Lucky Minerals’ highest priority.

MDEQ has thoroughly studied, documented and approved the plan of operation for the Emigrant Project exploration. Lucky Minerals is committed to all of the terms and conditions including payment of the $154,000 bond. Furthermore, LM commits to be a good corporate citizen through transparency, collaborative solutions and supporting each development decision with scientific data.

About the Lucky Minerals & Emigrant Project:

Lucky Minerals Inc. and its subsidiary, Lucky Minerals Montana (LMM) are managing licensed exploration activities of the Emigrant Project which is located on private property within the historic Emigrant Mining District in Southern Montana. LMM is committed to a transparent and collaborative public process in shaping the Emigrant Project to match the community’s culture and economic development needs. Lucky Minerals shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol LJ and through the OTCQB under the symbol LKMNF.

SOURCE Lucky Minerals Inc.

Contact Information:

Lucky Minerals Inc.

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