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Jul 31, 2017 8:50 AM ET

Locust Honey – Locust Honey’s Brand New Album

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 31, 2017

Locust Honey

Locust Honey’s Brand New Album

Help us get our record out by preordering our CD and vinyl, or by choosing a donation package!


This June we spent 9 days in the studio with Andrija Tokic, who’s produced some of our favorite bands such as The Deslondes, Natural Child, The Alabama Shakes and Hurray for the Riff Raff. His studio is a completely analog playground of vintage gear and instruments. We got to play with hammond organs, various kinds of drums, a railroad spike and an omnichord to name a few. All told we recorded eleven completely original tracks.

Throughout the process we were lucky enough to steal some of Nashville’s finest from their regular projects to make guest appearances. Our friend Adam Meisterhans came in on a rare day off the road and managed to play his signature guitar both backwards AND forwards. The stalwart John R Miller did his usual stellar job playing bass, and threw in some really moody electric guitar to boot. Richard Bailey of The Steeldrivers dropped in and effortlessly ripped his famous bluegrass banjo. Andrija called in his top guns, namely Dave Racine who nailed every song on the drums the first time through, and Jon Estes who (pulled off) one brilliant idea after another on the piano and various other keyed instruments. We had an extra special day that we’ll never forget when Robby Turner, reigning king of pedal steel, paid us a visit. He regaled us with wondrous stories of Waylon and Willie and the boys, and then sprinkled his magic fairy dust all over the record.

This whole experience was a really creative and special one. We could not have received more generous artistic contributions from all of these fine folks! We really, really want you to hear this music! If you intend on buying this record in the future, on CD or vinyl, please pre-order it! You’ll get it on the very first day it’s available, and you’ll also be an essential part of making it happen!

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Locust Honey

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